Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey Friday!

ONE ||
Maybe I'm 5, but I recently had some Runts and I kind of really miss them? What happened to them? Did they disappear? Can I find them at Five Below!? I think they really have a lot of candy, so I'm gonna bet on that. Need to go find some, ASAP!

TWO ||
I really love wearing headbands, but they always give me a headache. I think from the pressure behind my ears? But I think they look really cute and are super functional, I just need to find one that doesn't hurt. Does anyone have any recommendations!? I have some of the soft headbands that go all the way around my head, but I can really only wear those while my hair is back since its short. When I wear them when my hair is down the back sticks straight out haha so I need some that just go right on the top of my head!

This face. This sweet little face. Doesn't she just look so big here!? Its breaking my heart. I can't even get over it. Shes so sweet and just wants to love and snuggle mama and daddy all the time, and I can't say that I hate it!

So I've seen this new "rose gold" hair color floating around the internet, and I'm intrigued.

My hair doesn't hold red very well, so would it hold this pinkish shade? Is it worth it? Its like almost copper-ish looking, no? Maybe in the fall I'll go for it. I think its too dark for my personal preference in the summer right now. But its really pretty..I just don't know if I'm quite that ballsy. I want it though. Lets remember this for fall. 

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Happy Friday!
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy the weather! :) 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Confessions | 5.26.2016

I confess that...
I am totally cool with the fact that its still not hot out yet. I am a fall/winter/chilly weather lover, so the fact that its not already scorching hot outside is a-okay in my book! Don't hate me!?

I confess that...
I think I may be growing tired of our house? I never thought I would say that. Ever.
We had a contract on a new build home back in November, and I pulled the plug on it within that magic "3 day window" because I just didn't want to leave my house. Our home was built in 1979 so its older. But I'm growing so tired of the low ceilings and limited closet space, etc. I hate that I feel this way, but I can't decide if I'm just used to moving from being a military brat, or if I truly just am not happy in my house anymore!? I do love it, but I think I am just really wishing for something that new and fresh. Sigh.

I confess that...
I currently have no desire to travel overseas so a foreign land. By foreign, I mean like Europe area. The packing, the traveling, the flying. No thanks. Maybe when I'm older I'll have a different view, but right now I am just not that interested.
It just seems like work to me and not vacation. My idea of vacation involves laying somewhere on a beach with nothing to do and no itinerary! 

I confess that...
This week, I bought coffee out twice in one day. Once at Starbucks and once at Dunkin Donuts. And I'm not even sorry about it because it was delicious and amazing.

I confess that...
I pre-wrote all my posts for this week and I felt (and still feel, lets be honest) like a rockstar. Boom.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

summer outfit inspiration

Time for some outfit inspiration for the summer!
I am sooo guilty of just wearing the same thing over and over in the summer. And that outfit would be those mesh workout shorts with a t shirt and flip flops! I need some serious outfit help so I thought with Memorial Day weekend coming up, this would be the perfect time to find some cute outfits!

Have you been able to catch onto what my style is yet!? Haha!
What are your go to summer outfits! Help me out! :)
Happy hump day!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

bathing suit inspiration

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, I figured its a good of time as any to bring out the ole' bathing suit wishlist. This mama over here definitely needs a one piece suit, and needs on with some coverage in the midsection. No one is out there begging to see that zone over here! I have already purchased this one and this one, but now I'm also dying for this one! I love how they are flouncy in the middle so help hide some bulge. Also, I think they will provide some good coverage while playing with Harper at the beach or pool! 
For those folks that don't need the extra fabric (or for my dream beach body..hah) I ADORE the second, third and fourth ones. The second one looks so sassy to me and I think its like a fancy bathing a pool party bathing suit or something. The one shoulder I think would be so flattering and apparently its a "miracle suit" so what could be bad about that!? 
I love the pinhole design and lace outline of number three. I also think the design of how it points inward at the midsection would be very thinning, which is also a great thing! 
Number four is so perfect without screaming "I'm a one piece!" The crochet look makes it almost like a two piece, but can also hide unwanted areas from being seen! 

What suits are you lusting after this season!? Let me know! 
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Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 23, 2016

do you like free stuff!?

So, I like free things. I think most people like free things? Yes?
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Have a great week yall & happy Monday! :)

Friday, May 20, 2016


Happy Friday, lovelies! 

ONE ||
How are we feeling about the Birkenstocks trend happening now? I have heard fabulous things about them, but I just don't know if I can really pull them off? I think I'm lusting after this pair, but is it worth the $100 splurge for one season? Like how long will they stay in style!?
I think these are pretty cute and stylish, but also would be comfy to wear for long days. Does anyone have a pair?! Will my feet get all sweaty!?

TWO ||
So whoooooo watches Southern Charm? I have enjoyed it before, but I am seriously loooving it this season. The Kathryn and Thomas baby mama drama. The Landon bitch fest!? I thought I liked her before, but this season I think shes mean. Deliberately mean and I feel sad for her. I also love Cameron but I'm having such mixed emotions towards her right now. I like that shes keeping it real, but also Kathryn is reaching out to her and needs a friend and she still said no thanks, pal. Whatever juice they are drinking this season, I am digging it. 

I really love It Cosmetics, and have used their CC cream forever without any complaints. Its definitely a favorite in my makeup arsenal. But I just decided to recently try the newer CC cream with illumination (that link gives you an awesome deal with one of their brushes basically for're welcome), and I am SO pumped about it. I have super dry skin and I feel like this worked great on that, and also it gave me such a fresh, dewey finish. Even though it says CC cream (which makes you think light coverage, kind of like a tinted moisturizer but better), it is more of a medium to full coverage, but without looking like foundation or "makeup." I can just throw this on and go! I also would love to try their bronzing CC cream which apparently is literally everything you would ever provides color on your face and coverage! Let me know if you've tried it at all!
Because these are the best funnies and who doesn't love a good laugh on a Friday?!

Next week, we are heading to my parents shore house for Memorial Day & I can't wait! Unfortunately, it won't be warm enough for the beach, but its still nice to be down there! Some relaxation time is good! Even though we were just in Florida, it was go go go! At the shore, we get to really relax :) theres also a great zoo in Cape May (who would have ever known!?) thats free and we go quite frequently. I see a few trips there in our future!
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

things that annoy me.

I confess that I hate the use of BAE. I just don't understand. What is the point of it? And not everyone can be it stands for before anyone else (right? I hope so or else I've been all wrong this whole time! haha) so not everyone can be bae. 

I confess that I hate..and I mean HATE mouth noises. Like loud breathing, loud chewing, anything really to do with mouth noises. Some people smack their saliva or something around inside their mouth..why? Just let it be. Swallow it and move on with your life.  My husband does this thing where he "itches" his throat with his tongue and it makes this God awful noise and he knows how much it bugs me but he says he has to do it because of his allergies and his throat is itchy. GET AWAYYYY.

Along the lines of mouth ish, I hate mouth breathing. When I was sick, I had a stuffy nose and let me tell you..I had to mouth breathe and it was miserable. My mouth gets all dry and my lips get chapped and my throat hurts and it just stinks. I don't know how people mouth breathe at night. I do everything in my power to nose include staying awake until the stuffed up nostrils unstuff themselves. I leap at that opportunity and nose breathe as hard as I can until I fall asleep! 

I confess that I hate when bikes ride on the road. I get it, share the road, blah blah. But when you're leisurely biking in a development, with a nice beautiful paved sidewalk..ride on the sidewalk. The other day, I was driving home and our neighborhood has a two lane main road, and a bike was just riding along at a slow pace in the MIDDLE of one of the lanes. And might I add, it was getting dark, so lets just add that little element of surprise in there too. Get on the sidewalk, homeboy! 

Not to get all political and all, but I really hate this whole transgender bathroom issue. I don't really care what you identify as, but if a male has identified as a female for years now, they've also been using the female restroom for years now and we were none the wiser. Let people use the restroom they identify with and stop calling attention to it, or just make all individual stalls. Boom..problem solved!