Friday, September 18, 2015


This is my first link up post, and I chose this topic because I get a ton of inspiration from the ladies I see who host this link up, for one, but also from the blogs I find from this link up! So excited to participate!

ONE ||  LOVING this new mascara-I used to be super picky about which mascaras I used, specifically which brand name mascaras I used.  I came across this one on a whim, and have been in love ever since!

TWO || Dutch side braids.  I have never done one before & spent a good 30 minutes this morning on one, but I am seriously loving it so far! Great way to hold my hair back and out of my face while also staying stylish!

THREE || These sweet sneakers for my perfect little mini. We got them in the gold & pink, and she LOVES them so far.  Who could blame the little lady? Sparkles, gold & light up? Pretty perfect in my eyes.  They are taking some getting used to for her since they are a size too big (mama ain't got money to fund shoes that fit perfectly right this second..homegirl grows fast!)

FOUR || Vests. Naturally, I had to include something for the upcoming fall season..also my FAVORITE season ever. I keep trying to convince my husband that we need to move somewhere that its fall year round, but so far he's not biting.  Personally, the J. Crew Factory Excursion Vests are my top favorite, and I think I have...mmm maybe 5 of them at this point? Lusting hard over the textured grey one though!

FIVE || Another thing for my mini, but lets be honest my life does revolve around her at this point.  This snack cup.  Perfect for her little hands and keep her busy trying to get her puffs out of it, but also keeps the puffs from spilling out all over the floor! :)

Thanks for stopping by, & so excited for my first link up! Have a great weekend!

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