Thursday, September 10, 2015

Party Time!

For Harper's first birthday party, we decided to go with a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme. I wanted something cute, but nothing too "fun" since I wanted to save those for when she got a little older and could remember it.

For food, we just had a BBQ with hot dogs, burgers, ribs & chicken. We recently got a smoker and my husband cooked the ribs and chicken on there & they were fantastic! We had the normal side dishes-beans, chili, chips, cheese, etc. My mom makes the BEST pasta salad & Chinese noodle salad, so she brought those! For drinks we had standard sodas, water, beer, but I also made this delicious white wine sangria & beer-ritas. SO good.

Harper had her first piece of cake/sugar and loved it so much. At first, she wasn't too sure.  But as she kept going, she eventually stuffed the whole thing in her mouth!

Overall, it was a perfect day. The weather was fantastic, which worked out great because RJ just finished our back patio, to include a fire pit & outdoor TV! It was so wonderful for him to be able to showcase all his hard work. He's been completing it the past three summers in between working & when we've had the money to do it & it looks so amazing!

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