Thursday, September 24, 2015

Showering the Future Mrs!

In July, I had the honor of hosting my Lauren's bridal shower! She is my best friend & like the sister I never had! We both grew up as only children & she was the Maid of Honor in my wedding and I am honored to now be the Matron of Honor in her wedding. I know it'll be a perfect day & I'm so happy for her!

The theme was a simple coral, gold & ivory to match her wedding colors.  It was a brunch, so we had a mimosa bar, yogurt bar, egg casseroles, mac & cheese balls, french toast dippers & some assorted breads! I think it was a huge success, and the mimosa bar was such a hit! (No surprise there though-hah!)

In each of the canisters in the front we put different juices-orange, cranberry, peach, pineapple.  I think the peach was the biggest hit other than the orange! People loved it!

We also decorated the living room where the bride opened presents. Under the streamers and sign is a chair that she sat in-I hope she felt like a princess! The weather was perfect, just like it will be next weekend when they say the big "I Do!"

Lauren and her fiancé just purchased their first adorable new home, so the shower came at a perfect time to fill it with perfect goodies :). She got so many cute things..makes me want to get married again just for the presents!

Congratulations, Lauren. I can't wait to stand by your side in just a few days!!!


  1. I love the little decorations, they're actually a really good idea :D.

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy crafting/diy/decorating so it was fun! :)


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