Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Engagement Trip-June 2011

Since its our anniversary week, I have decided to post some special memories surrounding our engagement, wedding &  honeymoon! Hope you enjoy! 

RJ & I got engaged on June 13, 2011. We had been together since February 14, 2008 (he picked that day because it was "easy to remember") & never taken vacation with each other! I just graduated from nursing school that May, and he told me he was taking me a graduation vacation to my favorite place in the whole world..DISNEY WORLD, of course. Told y'all I loved Disney ;).

We spent the first day just walking around after arriving. We grabbed some takeout from Olive Garden & he said he was going to set it up outside on the patio for dinner while I unpacked. I thought nothing of it because it wasn't unusual for him to want to sit outside to eat. I came outside & the food was all set up for us. We ate & just chatted about how excited I was to be there & what we would be getting into the next few days! 

The sun began to set at this point & he asked me if I wanted to dance. I was still so clueless at this point..silly girl. Guess I didn't want to get my hopes up in case nothing happened! I didn't realize it, but he had done research and perfectly timed what time the fireworks went off at the Magic Kingdom & he made a playlist of love songs. At the exact moment that the fireworks were going off, Taylor Swifts "Love Story" started playing. He started his whole speech, which sadly I can't even remember now because I was in such shock. He got down on one knee & proposed! I got down to his level & said "are you serious!?" then proceeded to ask if he had already asked my parents & he said yes! We called our parents & the rest of our family & began the celebrations! 

In our hotel room right after it happened!
 Of course we went to the Magic Kingdom, & I made him pay for all the pics they took of us, naturally. How can you not when you're in DISNEY!
It was so hot & I was a sweaty mess but who cares because I'M ENGAGED!

And we may or may not have gotten matching shirts made to celebrate the occassion...

And the rest is history! Of course I started planning while we were there & he so sweetly bought me all the wedding magazines at the airport which I know cost an arm & a leg-haha. It was an amazing trip & a perfect engagement. He did everything I would have ever wanted & I'm so glad I finally wrote it all down so I can remember it for years to come & Harper can read exactly how it happened from my words! 


  1. So fun!! I absolutely love engagement stories! And way too sweet that he had everything perfectly planned with music and fireworks - the best!!

    1. Yes he did so great! He even had back up plans for different days if this first one didn't work out! He said he was too afraid to keep holding & hiding the ring! ;)

  2. This is SO sweet! J and I got engaged in June and unfortunately I can't remember all that he said as I was in such a state of shock too! RJ is an awesome little planner!

    1. Gah I can't remember stuff either! The only thing I remember is are you serious 😂 I'll need to go check out your engagement story-I love all things engagement & weddings! Xox


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