Thursday, October 8, 2015

Harper Love is 13 Months Old!

So I'm a day late..oops. And I may have also missed a whole year.  Oops also? Really want to remember all of these precious moments & memories, so I am making a promise to myself to I don't forget.

WEIGHT || You weigh around 23 pounds. At your 12 month appointment, you were 22 pounds, 7 ounces so I'm just guessing right around 23 pounds.

HEIGHT || You were 30 inches at your 12 month appointment, so again I'm going to guess maybe 31 inches.

SLEEP || You are all over the place with your sleep. Some nights you sleep like a champ & you're out all night long. Other nights, like last night, you are up every hour whining and moving all around your crib. Maybe mama doesn't have to get out of bed to comfort you, but it sure keeps me up to hear you whining. I'm not even sure you're awake when you're doing it because you don't stand up or really seem phased by it, so maybe its just a dream?

CLOTHES || We have switched into 18 month clothes, mainly because those are the fall/winter sizes I bought for you & your 12 month clothes are all summer sizes and its a little too chilly for them right now. A lot of your stuff is way too big, but I'm not buying 12 month fall stuff to just last a short amount of time so whatever. It won't kill ya to have clothes too big-if only mama had the same problem!

DIAPERS || You could still be in size 3, but since the sizes overlap, we have been buying size 4. Previously, we were putting you in a size bigger at night, but the size 4s have been doing the trick!

DIET || You eat pretty much whatever daddy and I are eating, but you really love mandarin oranges, mangos, bananas, eggs, baked beans and green beans. You are doing a great job feeding yourself with your fingers, and have even started figuring out how to feed yourself with a spoon (NO! MAKE IT STOP! TOO BIG!)

BABY GEAR LOVE || We just moved you up into a big girl car seat, still rear facing. You love it so much and smile and rub your hands all over it when you're in it. It must be much more comfy for you, which makes us happy! Sorry we waited so long, little bit!

MILESTONES || Nothing major happened this past month, unless you want to consider sleeping through the night more than not a milestone. Maybe its the transition to whole milk as opposed to breast milk and your tummy stays fuller longer?! You also love to point at things, and everything is a dog. You also do know what a real dog is, and even when you can't see them but hear them barking you immediately say "dog!" You can hold up one finger when asked how old you are, and you raise your hands up when we ask you how big you are!

LIKES || You are such a little ham & love being social. Even when we are at Target, you lean to the side to see the people behind us in line and wave and give the biggest cheesy grin. You also loooooove your swim class we go to every Tuesday, which is making you super social as well.  You can go under water for 4 seconds now! Who ever thought that was a thing for a 13 month old? Blows my mind how they learn that. You always want tubby time and walk right into the bathroom regularly and stand at the tub and start to throw a fit for a tubby. When its time to get out, you also scream and cry to stay in!

DISLIKES || Theres not much I would say you dislike at this time. You're a pretty happy lady & that makes me happy. I guess you don't like being tired, but honestly I can't blame you because who does!? You're a sweet girl & constantly smiling & laughing so I can't say theres much that sticks out that you dislike.

You got sick this month for truly the first time. We caught that stomach bug going around & you threw up twice on two separate nights. Twice you got sick in mommy bed & threw up all over the comforter & pillows..and also got sick in your crib so that made for lots of fun to clean up. Then mommy caught the bug, then daddy did. Hopefully we're all done with that & we won't have any further issues!

Love you so much, chicken little. Can't believe how big you're getting but I also can't wait to see what else you'll learn in the next month! Xoxo.

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