Monday, October 19, 2015

"if you don't have anything nice to say...

...then don't say anything at all." I wish people would follow this motto, but I can't throw too much blame out there. Heck, I'm super guilty of this sometimes, I admit it. But there's one time it reeeeeally gets to me when people don't watch what they say.

Pregnancy. Should be such a magical, beautiful, wonderful time in a woman's life, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For one, you're super pumped and thrilled you're growing this human life in your loins. But on second thought, something has taken over your entire body & you no longer have control of it. And having others comment on it typically isn't something on your to-do list every day.

Besides not feeling super great about your growing figure..which should 100% be growing, by the're nurturing a human being in there...and constantly worrying that you're doing this whole mom thing right, you also have to worry about the opinions of others. Constantly.

I swear, every time you go anywhere people always have something to say. Good or bad, you're getting an opinion (and a belly feel by a stranger, whether you like it or not). This leads me to..

1. "You grew overnight & really popped!" 
Maybe some people really love this, who knows, but I'm pretty sure baby mama herself noticed that she "popped" long before you did.
2. "You're really taking that whole eating for two advice to heart, aren't ya?"
This. THIS. Unless you've been pregnant and understand the RAGE behind pregancy hunger, you get no say. In fact, unless you're pregnant at the exact same time as me, exactly as far along as I am, and unless you're basically me, SHUT IT & let homegirl eat her cupcakes.
3. "Are you sure theres only one in there?"
Yep. Positive. Pretty sure the that in the three ultrasounds I've had, they would have seen other humans in my womb, thanks.
4. "You're gonna pop any day now!"
Like I wish I could pop your in your face? Believe me, if I'm far enough along for you to say this to me, I know. I know, I know, I know. I wish I would pop too to take away this pain, lack of sleep, pressure, peeing every 5 minutes, heartburn & stress.  I know.
5. "You must be having a girl because you're getting wider," or, "Thats how I was when I was pregnant with my boy..stuck straight out like a torpedo!" 
 Wait, has no one ever told you that old wives tales aren't toooootally accurate? No? Okay, my bad, allow me to help you. They aren't correct like 99% of the time & are usually just used for fun.
6. "You're belly is too small to be ______ far along!"
 This was me. I know most would consider this a compliment, but I heard it faaaaar too much.  At one point, my doctor thought my daughter was less than the 10th percentile for weight since I was so small. Sista came out a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces & you had one happy mama.
You never now whats happening with someone & their pregnancy, so just assume everything is great with them & tell them how amazing they are for doing such an awesome job.

Am I right, or amiright?
So, here's all you should say when you see someone you know (or don't know) that is pregnant:
1. "OMG, you look fabulous!"
2. "You really have that pregnancy glow; you look so great!" 
3. Don't touch the belly unless you have explicit permission to do so. 
I know this isn't about what you should say, but this is a big one. 

The end. That's it. Its not hard, just be kind, folks. Short & sweet, literally. Say exactly what you would want someone to say to you on your worst day when you've rolled right outta bed, haven't brushed your mane or teeth & you're still in your yoga pants that you wore yesterday..and to bed last night. Love each other. That mama is struggling growing that sweet human.


  1. I;m pregnant and I couldn't agree with this more! Hahaha people can be so rude!!

    1. Seriously! Women should be complimented only during this time! Congrats on the upcoming little one :)

  2. This is hilarious and sad all wrapped up into one, mostly because I'm dreading getting pregnant and having to hear these (mainly from my in-laws I'm sure). Fun post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Unfortunately, hearing these comments is the worst part of pregnancy! it makes you totally dread going out of your house when you should be flaunting that bump! Good luck to you when your time comes. Enjoy it & ignore mean comments :) xox

  3. This is hysterical because it's so true!!! I cannot wait to see what you post at I am also stalking your fashion posts because I only know how to shop off people!!

    1. I'm really bad at shopping..aka I do it far too often for my husbands liking! I can't help it. I NEED everything I see basically! haha

  4. i am also pregnant and completely agree. i don't mind the belly touches, but the comments can be so overwhelming :( and it's usually from people who have had kids? don't they know what not to say??

    1. You'd think it would be common sense & people would just know better! But apparently pregnancy is a time where all manners fly right out the window! Congrats on your upcoming new addition! :) xox


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