Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Target Finds Tuesday!

Since I'm such a crazy lover of Target, I've decided that every Tuesday I will post my recent finds for the week! I go to Target pretty much daily when Harper & I go out for our coffee in the morning. Its kind of our daily routine, so I'm confident that I can scrounge up some good finds!

First of all, this mug is everything.  It holds the perfect amount of coffee (6oz Keurig cup!) and is super cute. They have other sayings, but this one is my favorite.  Perfect for fall with the bronze handle and speckles. Need them all!

AHHH, these amazing cozy pants.  Since 99% of our day is spent at home, we stay in out cozy clothes sometimes all day. Would you judge me if I said I slept in something then wore it all day until my next shower? Yes? Oh..good because theres no way I would ever do something like that.  These are the comfiest things to ever touch my skin! I'm a huge lover of the Gillian & O'Malley brand, from their jammies, to nursing tops/bras to their cozy pants like these! I feel like they are made well, within budget, and last a few seasons. Can't say enough about them!

I mean..since were on the topic of cozy clothes, its only fair that I mention these perfect fall jammies.  I have them in two colors-the grey & blue, and they are every bit as lovely as you would imagine. I get hot when I sleep, but not in these bad boys. The fabric is to die for & I'm in love.

I might have a bit of a problem at this point buying multiple colors in things I love, but I feel like you can't go wrong this boyfriend cardigan.  I purchased it in the rust color, mustard & tan.  But they go with basically everything, right? And they are great for fall? Ok, great. Just justified my decision on that one again. Last week they were on sale for $12.  How do you say no to a cardigan for $12? You just don't.

Target is my happy place.  Can't wait to go scope out some new finds for next week!


  1. Target always has whatever you need (or don't need)! I love those pajamas...I am definitely getting a set! We are staying with Chad's mom in a few weeks, so I feel like I need real pajamas instead of workout shorts and a t-shirt. :) I also buy things in multiple colors...when you love something, and you know it works, why not?! :)

  2. Gosh yes! I run into target for like milk and walk out with everything but milk 🙊
    You will loooove these jammies. Can't wait to hear how you like them! :)


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