Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Target Tuesday! Fall Edition

Tuesday is here once again! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week. Harper Love has swim classes every Tuesday & I get to talk about Target. What more could a girl ask for!?
This week I decided to make my Target finds all about fall since its literally screaming inside Target everywhere you look. But hey, homegirl over here loves fall so ain't nobody complainin' here!
So without further adieu...

Doesn't this blanket just look so amazing to just cozy up with!? Perfect fall staple but also can be used year round. Personally, I have blankets out allll year, so one that matches my fall decor perfectly but also my regular stuff is a win in my book! They have lots of colors to pick from too..I may have to get myself more than one!

Um, hi. This glass candle is 100% speaking my love language.  Could you imagine these scattered all over your house!? Not only would your house smell amazing & have that candle glow ambiance, but you'd also be so festive with the plaid! They could match virtually any decor, and if you're really feeling crafty you could make your own candles inside the jars when you burn those out!

I don't know about you, but I am 100% obsessed with plaid scarves in the fall & winter. I own 4 already (What? Don't judge me. I thought we already learned that when I like something, I buy multiples).   The one problem I have with them, as amazing as they are, is that when its still kinda warm out, I sweat so much.  Don't fear! I have found the perfect solution-this is basically a lightweight blanket scarf! Sounds pretty great to me-will be grabbing a few of those for the cooler fall days for sure!

I couldn't forget about the little people! I'm always scrounging the racks for the cutest get-ups for my mini girl, but also for my little Godson, Luke. He dresses so cute & I like to pick him up some goodies here & there.  I found this adorable plaid shirt that is perfect for fall & all of its activities! It's also 20% off right now with code KIDS!

Now for my little miss.  This plaid dress. I can't even. With little stockings & high boots? No. I can't. Its too much. But I LOOOOOVE it. Can't wait to see her little tush wearing it!
Alright, thats it! Until next Tuesday!


  1. I love plaid! And Target! This post is a WIN WIN!

    1. Eeek thanks! I love it all too! Theres so many plaid things out there right now, it was so hard to decide! Thanks for stopping by! xox


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