Saturday, November 28, 2015

lets talk about things we love...||A GIVEAWAY||

I love my family. Like a lot. I love my phone. A whole crap ton. And I love any and all things personalized.
So when I got the opportunity to create a custom iPhone case from CaseApp, I jumped at the opportunity. 
Something where I can combine all three things I love? Sign up me immediately. 
Also, you can create your very own custom laptop skin..for all kinnnnds of computers! can make anything.
You want a phone case with 500 pictures? You got it.
You want a laptop skin with a giant picture of your beloved pooch, Duke? How about 3?
More of a simple gal who just wants her initials on the back of her phone? You got it.
Along with making your own case, theres soooo many premade designs! You get your pick of the litter with this one, my friends.

I decided to create a case with of course, my family. I love seeing them as much as I can. 
I couldn't decide on just one picture, so I did this adorable collage! 
This was a pre-designed template, and was super easy.
Literally, I ordered the case from my phone. Sitting on my couch. Drinking a glass (ok..bottle) of wine.
 The website is so simple to navigate and it took me about 5 minutes to order, including putting my information in.

 If you're anything like me, you have a hard time figuring out what to get for family members.
I always tend to lean towards items that are more home-made and/or personalized. 
#1-I feel like they are more appreciated because they typically take more time. 
#2-They are personalized so duh, no one else has anything like it!  

It is made with love, since its totally customized by YOU!

It even came with these cute Christmas stickers and this little card for when you gift it to someone!  
This is such a perfect Christmas gift for anyone really.
Your best friend that just got married? Boom..get her a case with her favorite wedding picture & her new initials.
The coworker that always gets you something thoughtful & you feel inadequate because your presents cant compare? Hook her up with a custom laptop skin so you have something pretty to look at while working!
Your mother-in-law that onllllly wants something with the grandkids picture on it? PERFECT.
I know what I'm getting basically everyone this year. And it may or may not be coming from CaseApp. And I cannot wait. 
And luckily for you, you can also snag some presents for a discounted price!
Use the code "CROWNME20" for 20% off your order!
These cases are already priced really well, so the 20% off is just icing on the cake!
**And by the way, they also ship super fast. I think from the time I ordered my case to the time I had it in my hand was just a little over a week, so you have plenty of time to get your personalized orders in before the big day! **
I love the super slim design of this case. It protects my phone while being stylish and keeping it true to its skinny frame!

Also, theres a GIVEAWAY! Whoop, whoop!
So enter! Why not, its totally free! Treat yo'self this holiday season :) 


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