Friday, November 27, 2015

Favorites on a Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
We had plans to travel to PA to be with family, however, Harper Love is still a sick little bug so we decided to stay home. 
It was very strange being home. I'm usually always working on holidays or we are traveling either to PA with my family or to Ohio to see RJ's family. It almost didn't even feel like a holiday! 
We were able to relax and just hang out. Starbucks was open yesterday morning, and we love going out to get coffee together. So we we out and got our cup of joe, came home, got ready then headed to my parents house for an early dinner/late lunch! They also decided to stay home with us since we weren't traveling. RJ's parents also joined us! It was a great afternoon! 

Then..lets be honest. We did some Black Friday shopping. On Thanksgiving, so really its Thanksgiving day shopping, right? 
There was a TV RJ wanted for out back, and luckily he got it! 
He recently put in a 900 square foot pavers patio in our backyard complete with fire pit, so we like to bring a TV out there and hang out. At Harper's birthday party, people were making fun of him because the TV was "too small" for such a large space. Whatever! He got his TV he wanted, so now he's a happy boy. 

ONE ||
Since our sweet girl was sick & we didn't get to do our family pictures last week, my dad so kindly snapped some of us in their backyard with my nice camera! 
They turned out great & I'm really happy with them, surprisingly! 

Our sweet lady was still not feeling great, so it was tough to get her to smile. She was trooper though and hung in there!
I'm sure we will use one for our Christmas card, just not sure which one yet! Opinions!? :) 

TWO ||
Of course I had to add a picture of my hubby getting his TV. I don't really care about it, but he was super excited and waited outside for it for 2.5 hours! He got a ticket and was number 3/10 for it! 

These cookies are so freaking adorable. My MIL brought them over for Thanksgiving, and I think they are the cutest things!
They are sugar cookies, but they look like someone spent so much time making them so intricate! 
This turkey is my favorite! 

So, I've been doing my own gel nails for about 2 years now, and I am so happy I invested in a kit.
I can do them whenever I want, and I usually treat myself to a new color whenever I do them! Saves me $30+ each time and I don't feel guilty if they don't last as long as they would from a salon!
I also hate going to salons to get my nails done because I feel like they just talk about me and often times are pretty rude. 
I found this pretty red color that I think is perfect for the holidays!

This cozy little sweater tunic hoodie guy. I think he's great for those days you want to just stay home and be cozy..or lets be honest, even when you go out and do things if you're me. No shame in my game! haha
And he has THUMB HOLES!!

Thats all for this week!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for an awesome Christmas present idea, coupon code and GIVEAWAY! 
Who doesn't like free stuff!?
See you then! 
Happy weekending!


  1. Oo girl totally going to Old Navy's website and buying that hoodie tunic it looks so cozy!!

    1. I just found out the olive green is a clearance color! noooo! hope you werent wanting that color! its still definitely worth the purchase even if its a different color! They are super comfy!


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