Friday, November 13, 2015

FriYAY Fives: Christmas for Harper Love

With Christmas approaching rather quickly, I needed to gather my thoughts on what I'm getting for my sweet Harper Love! This weeks Friday favorites will be all things Christmas for my girl!
 ONE ||
This girl of mine loves her some pink and princess stuff. You may think I'm joking about this because thats all 100% right up my alley, but shes such a girly girl & I love it. 
I found these adorable princess themed presents & they are perfect!
The doll goes in the stroller, and the idea behind it is "Princess Mommy." UM HELLO..amazing!
The house is a Little Tykes Princess castle & Harper would LOOOOVE this.  It also sings, and shes a huge fan of anything that plays music.
They are all reasonably priced so of course my lady is getting them all!

Doll || Stroller || Castle

TWO ||
So, over in these parts, we love Mickey & Minnie Mouse. 
We also love pushing things.
And putting stuff in our things we push.
Put it all together, and you've got this adorable Minnie Mouse shopping cart.

So, one thing has remained consistent the entire time I was looking around & shopping for my little lady-I picked things that I would have wanted when I was little. Maybe I still want them? Who am I to judge, ya know?
This tea set is just adorable and I have nothing else to say about why she needs it.
I can, however, picture us having pretend tea parties and that may have swayed my choice. So cute :)
   Tea Set

So you know how I said Harper loves things that make music? So it would only be right that we got her stuff so she could make her own music! This stuff looks so fun & I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

This one honestly is more for me, but I seriously love little kids in Hunter boots.
And hey, kids shoes are expensive and having to buy possibly both rain boots and snow boots would equal about what I would pay for these.
These just have a dual purpose in that she can wear them in the rain & snow. So really I'm saving space & money. Practical and cute. You're welcome, husband. 

Anyone have other suggestions for things for a 14 month old!?
I'd love to get her one of those adorable little kitchens, but I think we will save that for her 2nd birthday. I'm open to any & all suggestions!

Happy weekending! 


  1. Love all these! And you are so right about to boots! ;). I totally think what would I have liked when making kid purchases!

    1. I just want mommy & Harper to have matching boots :)


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