Saturday, November 7, 2015

Harper Love is 14 months old!

Hasn't anyone figured out how to stop time? 
I'd even be okay with it if someone could slow time down?

She's growing entirely too fast & it doesn't make this mama heart happy. 
14 months!? Theres just no way. I just had her!
I still have all this baby weight..?!

I think you're still holding strong around 23 pounds.
But I'm okay with that. No need to be heavier when you want to be carried around constantly!

 I don't know the correct answer to this. Hah-sorry. #momfail
So I'll stick with whatever last months was..I think 31 inches.

 The heavens have opened and you, my sweet darling, have been sleeping soundly through the night.
Of course, now that I've said this, she'll wake up every hour for the next week.
Also, I kinda love daylight savings because shes going to bed at 6 now instead of 7 & that gives me an extra hour of mama time!

 12-18 months, but mostly 18 months. 
I think we could bump up your sleepers to 24 months actually since you're so tall, but we'll see.
Otherwise, holding steady in the 18 months for a while. Should get us through until we need to buy spring clothes!

 Size 4. wah.

 Homegirl is still crazy about her snacks. I think she would eat snacks all day long. Snacks, mac & cheese, & regular cheese. 
Shes obsessed. 
Nothing much has changed in this department. Shes a picky eater & likes what she likes. 
Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

 We have the Baby Jogger City Select stroller, & I recently purchased the little snack tray for the front of it. Its been so convenient to put some of Harper's snacks in there while we are browsing the mall or just walking around. It keeps her busy & lets mama have some silence! 
This is Harper's best friend Hannah. They love holding hands while we try to tandem walk through the mall. Its annoying. PS-this is before I bought the snack tray!

 This month we learned how to say "duck!"
Usually it comes out "guck" but thats better than the alternative of dropping the f-bomb at 14 months old. 
Of course, we went for our first official trick or treat!
Loving on one of our fur babies, Rocco.
She still loves swim class. 
 Pretty normal I think, but she likes anything & everything that isn't a toy or in her playroom. 
Opening cabinets and drawers is her specialty right now.

 Being alone. Shes so afraid shes going to miss out on something.
Her playroom, because shes alone & obviously there's much cooler stuff in the big people world.

Also, side note, but is it ever ok to let them sleep with pillows and blankets in the crib?
Other mamas?
Shes never had anything in her crib and I put a little pillow and her quilt in there with her while she was playing & she seemed to love it.
I'm so afraid, but I think shes probably old enough?
Thanks so much for any advice!


  1. Replies
    1. oh goodness, thank you so much! :)

  2. My little one is 15 months and just started sleeping with a pillow. We did some research and found the "best one" for us.

    1. thank you for your input! what pillow did you get, if you don't mind we asking!?

  3. Omgosh.. New here and am already in love with this beautiful girl.. She is the cutest! Looking forward to following you guys..

  4. Omgosh.. New here and am already in love with this beautiful girl.. She is the cutest! Looking forward to following you guys..

    1. yay thanks! I certainly think shes the cutest also! :)

  5. New reader and she is so stinkin cute!!! And her little fur vest-does it come in my size?!?!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! Its the stinking cutest vest in the world & I wish she could wear it every day!


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