Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekending-lazy edition!

This weekend, very lazy. Haha. Saturday, RJ had to work all day so Harper & I literally stayed in our jimmies all day. 
She may or may not have slept in her PJs Friday night, wore them all day Saturday, then slept in the same ones Saturday night. Mamas gotta do what a mamas gotta do!
Haha, I have to get some groceries and this is exactly what I think about. 
Back to Friday. So we were supposed to get family pictures taken, but we ended up having to cancel. Our Harper Love got sick & it just wasn't working out. We were dressed and on the way there, but had to turn around. Selfishly, I was pretty upset because I was really proud of my makeup! 

We took her to the doctor that morning, and they said it was just some kind of virus. She has had a fever on and off since Monday, but seemed ok, so we decided to continue with our day. Didn't work out. Wah. 
She loves bath time, so was a super happy girl in there.
Pay no mind to our ridiculously outdated green bathroom. We have a plan to update it soon.
Just hard to throw money into it when it still works just fine!

Special baby delivery to get in night night jimmies! 

Saturday morning, we just hung out with daddy before he had to go to work!
We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course, and were just..lazy. haha

Like I said, we didn't even get out of out pajamas. Just lounged around..did some playing & napping. Ate lots of snacks.
It was a good mail day because this shirt we ordered a long time ago finally came in! 

By the time dinner time rolled around, I was ready to do something. I decided to start taking down my fall decorations & Harper loved playing with all of them!
Notice how in the pics from earlier on Saturday, it was light outside and she's in jammies..and in this picture its dark outside and she's in the same jammies? Told ya we didn't change haha. 
On Sunday, RJ made us breakfast then had to go into work for a little. When he got home, we went to Target and walked around. This totally got me into the holiday spirit & I made him bring up all my Christmas decorations from the basement so I could start decorating!
We still have a long way to go until everything is cleaned and put up, but I definitely started and feel good about my progress so far!
playing in her playroom for a bit!

Lazy outfit..wearing a hoodie & uggs! 

love this tree topper! I think I will get it this year!
I did manage to finish up the tree for Harper's room. When I first plugged it in, the lights didn't work.
So after picking up some new lights-multicolor twinkle lights-and preforming surgery to get the old lights off the tree, we were in business!

We also got a small tree & some new lights to put up in our bedroom! 
I love Christmas & love to be at least a little festive in all the rooms we are in primarily! :)
The lights on this tree also twinkle, but of course I can't capture that in a picture! 

Thats it for our weekend! Linking up again this week with Biana! Have a great holiday week, y'all! 


  1. Your little one is such a doll. I hope she's feeling better!! I got some Christmas decorations out this weekend too. Tis the season!! Loving your monogrammed hoodie too!

    1. ugh poor girl is still sick :( we took her back to the doc this AM & they continue to say its just a virus so we will ride it out, I guess!

  2. What a precious little outfit! Love the tree in your daughter's room, so cute!

    1. Me too! She loves it too. I wish it was acceptable to leave it up all year long!

  3. Love the tree!!! And that big bows shirt is too cute! Sad that your sweet babe wasn't feeling well, but your makeup was def on point! What can you do? :)

    1. haha thanks! Hopefully we will be able to redo them here soon! Need to get them on some Christmas cards, for sure!

  4. What pretty trees!! I know as soon as I get home from vacation my Christmas decorations are going up! I seem to be late this year because I've seen a lot of people start on their trees for weeks now! Lazy weekends in PJs are perf for a sickie Harper :)!

    1. I feel like I'm so late too! I am usually way ahead of people, but I think I'm on the last ones this time! Hope you have a great vacation, girl :)

  5. Your makeup was on point girl!!! Sorry you weren't able to get your pics taken and can get them soon! xo, Biana

    1. Thanks! fingers crossed I can recreate it for make up pics! :)

  6. aww love that little bath time beauty! Hope she feels better and where in the world is the bow shirt from? LOVE it! xo


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