Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Hap-pinning Wednesday!? Family Picture Clothing Options

Yall. Seriously stressing out.
We have family pictures on Friday & I don't know what we are wearing

I mean, I know what I like.
But I feel like it never looks quite like the pictures look!

So, the background is a Christmas Tree farm. Of course we will use these pictures for our Christmas card, but I would also love to get a new canvas for the house so I don't want us to wear things that are toooo Christmas-y..if that makes sense?
But I also want to be festive.
The struggle is so real right now

I found some inspiration on Pinterest while I've been seriously hardcore searching for what we need to wear. I think I need to just figure out what Harper is wearing first, then I can figure our outfits from there? Right?
Of course I want us to look coordinated, but not matchy matchy. 
Again, the struggle is real.
So, I really need advice because this has been my biggest stressor recently.

Seriously love the Hunter boots they are wearing.

Mustard is probably one of my favorite colors to wear, and I love the denim dress.  Are these colors too "fall" though to send out for Christmas cards?

Navy. My favorite color ever. Cannot go wrong with these classic neutral tones.

I think we will probably do something close to this-normal clothes that just coordinate nicely!

Loving all the red..except I think I own one red piece of clothing & its a Capitals shirt. That won't work!

Love this vest-I think I will definitely wear a vest since it will help to hide my big ole hips! Hips don't lie.
Okay, so thinking I may wear my cognac boots, black leggings, striped long navy tank with a chambray tunic, a red vest with my blanket scarf?
Harper will wear her red ruffle pants, a white tunic top and a red bow.
RJ will wear jeans, nice shoes and a plaid shirt with some red in it? Too much red!?

Please help me, friends! I just want the pictures to look cute, festive, but not too planned.
Sounds easy enough, right!? 
I'll welcome any and all advice with open arms!
Also..WHAT do I do with my hair!? My makeup!? Tha horrahhhh.
Thanks in advance :) 
Happy hump daaaaaay!

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  1. Love all your inspiration pictures!! Sounds like you have it figured out!! Good luck - I am sure they will turn out great!

    1. thanks! I hope they turn out ok! :)

  2. We recently had our family portraits made and we went with a similar look to the red, yellow, and denim one you posted except we wore yellow, burgundy, and navy. I knew I was going to be putting them on a canvas, so like you I wanted it to look festive for christmas cards but neutral enough to be hung year round. I think all of your Pinterest inspiration will be very helpful in deciding on a theme. Hope they turn out great :)

    1. ohhhh love the idea of the burgundy. I wonder if I can bring that into our theme some! thanks for the idea!

  3. I'm loving the navy with the neutral tones, works well and you likely have stuff already in your closet!

    1. you're right-I think the majority of my clothing items are navy!

  4. Love your ideas! I think white, black, and red would work well and you all probably have somethign with it!

    1. I love the red, but I don't really own any red! Maybe I just need to go shopping before our pictures tomorrow!

  5. Ekkk!! Just saw this!!! Sorry girl. All your inspirations pics are fabulous. I bet they will turn out great!!

    1. ugh its ok-we ended up not being able to do them anyways :( Harper Love got sick so we had to cancel!


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