Thursday, November 12, 2015

you have a birthday party every month?

Why, yes..yes, we do. The way I see it is life is short & I want to take every opportunity to celebrate, so for Harper's first year of life, we had a "birthday" party every month. It really was just a small celebration of little milestones, but again, life is too short to not celebrate any chance you get. It allowed a set date for both of our parents to come over, and really just an excuse for us to all get together. 
It has been so fun though to look back every month & see how shes grown. I caught a lot of slack for this idea & got made fun of pretty much every month..but luckily my hubby put up with it & was only slightly embarrassed when he had to reschedule work meetings because it was his "daughters four month birthday party." 
I'm so glad we did this now & it really makes me happy to think of how much we celebrating having her in our life! We will continue to do this for future babies to always remember every little milestone!
Yes, I made a cake. Not every month, but most months :)

This month, since it was December, we make a gingerbread house "together."
I tried to do a different cake for every month!

This month, we had a brunch & invited her godparents also! I made the beeeest monkey bread ever!
Some months, we would have to do coffee to celebrate, but we always made sure to make some time together!

Looking back on all this makes me so sad I didn't start blogging until this year. I wish I could remember each and every little thing about her and would have written it down. The year went by so fast & I can't believe she will be 14 months old this week. She's the best little chicken & we're so blessed to have her in our life! 


  1. THE BOWS. She is adorable Jenn! I wish I could wear bows like that and be just as cute. Ha!

    1. Seriously, why is it frowned against to wear bows as adults!? It really polishes off any outfit ;)

  2. Why not have a birthday part every month?! It's such a great idea!! Every moment is precious!

    1. exactly my thoughts! I loved celebrating every little milestone :)


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