Wednesday, December 16, 2015

calories and diets aren't real on Christmas.

So, my plan this year was to not leave my house on Christmas & stay in my PJ's all day.
Usually, we are traveling or I am working. Since I'm a nurse, we don't get holidays off so I'm stuck working them quite frequently! 
I have never ever in my whole entire existence (26 years is a long existence, I'll have you know)  spent Christmas in my own house. 
So dang it, I was going to spend Christmas in my house and start my own traditions with my sweet mini & hubby! 

First step, get hubby on board. Check.
Second step, get parents to stay home with us. Holla.
Third step, tell everyone we know if they want to see us, they need to come to us. BOOM.
Plan complete. 
That being said, my brother in law and his fiance and my husbands grandmother are all coming into town. My in-laws have a 2 bedroom house, so they only have room to house Grandma, hence why I've been posting about sprucing up my guest room! 
And since we aren't leaving (and I mean, literally not leaving..I'm having someone bring me my daily Starbucks fix on their way over to my house), it seems like we will be hosting all meals on Christmas. Christmas breakfast, Christmas snacks/breakfast leftovers for lunch, and the big Christmas dinner. Yeeeeeep.

Obvi I turned to Pinterest for the best ideas for each of these meals.
I can't yet decide if I should just do something simple for breakfast like bagels, toast and fruit, or if I should make some sort of casserole?
Like this freaking amazing looking french toast casserole..
Orrrrrr this crock pot cinnamon roll casserole? What could be negative about this!?
 Maybe I'll make these sweet little Grinch santa snack. Its healthy soooo it should balance everything else out!?

Then hopefully, people will be stuffed and won't want to eat lunch so I'll be off the hook there.

Now for dinner, I think my husband wants to do like a "traditional" Christmas dinner with a ham & turkey?! I mean sheesh..thats a lot of food!
Of course we will have some appetizers before the main meal, while I am hanging out in my PJs still. Duh. I told you I wasn't changing all day & I mean it.
Ok, so I'll probably change. But only for dinner!

My husband would seriously love this dip. He loves gingerbread and cheesecake, so this would definitely be a win in his world. 

I need to immediately stop looking at this food now because I just want to eat it all.
Happy hump day, yall!
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  1. Oh yum, all that food looks amazing! We always do monkey bread for breakfast Christmas is so good!

    1. I was thinking of doing monkey bread buttttt I have a problem with in I eat it all myself and don't give anyone else a chance. oops..

  2. OMGGGGG crock pot cinnamon roll casserole??? I'm coming over too! I'll bring you a Starbucks haha


    1. I definitely think we could make something work out with that then..come on over! :) I can be bribed with Starbucks any day!

    2. PS-you live in DC!? I live in northern VA sooo we're like totally neighbors!

  3. Looks like y'all will have a wonderful holiday at HOME! Nothing better!!!

    1. Yes! I can't wait! :) Are you staying home for the holidays or heading out of town!?

  4. I love the title of this post and that french toast casserole looks AMAZING.

    1. I know.. I think thats what I'm going to make. It looks too delicious not to!


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