Friday, December 11, 2015


Ugh, I have been so MIA this week and I don't know why!
Creative juices just aren't flowing I guess. 
Maybe its because my child threw my iPhone on our ceramic tile floor and shattered my screen and there were little glass pieces coming out of it and I had to get it replaced for $140, so I'm in mourning. Who knows!?
Hopefully I'll get my act together though here soon!
Oh, by the way..welcome, Friday!
Everything tastes better on Fridays!
ONE ||
Old Navy is seriously killing it this year with their clothes, especially their lounge wear.
No shame in my game that I stay in my lounge wear like 99% of the time when I'm home. Sometimes, I don't get dressed out of it until its time to change back into jammies for the night.
Love it. And these pants seriously hit it out of the park. 

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TWO ||
So, while perusing Walmart the other day, (don't worry, my heart will always belong to Target) I came across this pretty red, green and burlap ribbon! I was planning on just doing some regular burlap ribbon around my tree this year, but when I saw this stuff, I knew it would be perfect! I didn't do anything too crazy with our tree this year, because I didn't know how Harper would react. Didn't want to put a ton of work into something and have her just tear it apart! haha.
Shes doing a great job though, so I am hoping that I can continue to add more stuff in the coming years! I put up 5 trees this year, so I think I'm good in the tree department!

So for those of you that don't know, I am a nurse and I work in the nursery on a post-partum unit! Its really fun & its the perfect job for me! I just work PRN so not quite a full time or even part time schedule, but it works for us!
While at work yesterday, I made these cute little hats for the little girl babes!
These are for the regular little baby girls..

And these are for the fellow big bow mamas..AKA my soul sistas!
Everyone saw that Hunter boots are on sale at Costco for $80, right!?
And that Nordys will price match, right!?
And everyone got a pair, right!? Because $80 is too great to pass up, right!? 
Ok great. Enjoy your new boots. And make sure you buy some boot socks to go with those babies so your little toes stay toasty warm when it gets cold out!

So, I got this gorgeous new Kate bag on Black Friday (Thanksgiving, actually) and I'm so in love.
The store was 60% off, then another 20% off. How could I say no?! She spoke to me.
Thinking about doing a "Whats in my purse?" post next week, so you can check out the inside then! 
The color is so amazing and I can fit so much in it. My husband always calls my purses luggage, and this one definitely fits the bill there! Theres two outer zip pockets and one big inside compartment, with a zipper area and two smaller open areas that hold all my lip gloss. Its such a perfect fall/winter bag and the saffiano leather is perfect if you have little ones. It doesn't get scratched up easily, and can wipe down great with a baby wipe! So durable, yet super cute!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Linking up with some of my faves this week! Happy weekending! 


  1. I know what you mean, this week the creative juices just weren’t flowing for me either. Those hats are so adorable and I am in love with your new purse. Great find—I love getting extra amazing deals on things I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes! I think it ended up being like $107 or something from $355! What a steal! Enjoy your weekend :) xox

  2. Your new bag is gorgeous! I agree-Old Navy has amazing clothes this season. I love the lounge pants!

    1. Me too! I have been living in them. Sooo comfy! And cheap-makes my heart happy! Happy weekend! Xox

  3. Love the purse!

    1. Thanks, lady! Me too! It holds so much and I love the color! Enjoy your weekend! Xox

  4. Okay, your 5's were amazing! Especially the kate bag! (Absolutely LOVE!)

    Also I tagged you in my 5's list cause your my glitter friend! lol

    Can't wait for the What's in my purse post!! :)

    xoxo Bekah!

    1. Yay!! Glitter is my soul sista! Xox happy weekend!


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