Thursday, December 17, 2015

Half-DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

This year for our family Christmas party, we decided to all wear ugly sweaters! 
I don't own anything that classifies as an ugly Christmas sweater (I'm sure my husband would beg to differ) so I decided to buy/make my own! 
I bought the sweatshirt from Walmart for $12. I figured by the time I were to buy a plain sweatshirt and all the materials, it would have been like $50. 
So instead, I got this sweatshirt and decided to doctor it up and make it ugly haha
So, as you can see, I added a white 6 foot boa at the bottom for the snow, while also putting some at the tip that wasn't there know, just to add a little more ugly and pizzazz. 
I also added in a red pom ball for Rudolphs nose, and some 3d snowflakes around. Theres 2 big snowflakes that have batteries in the back that light up, which I will turn on for the party! They were cheap so I didn't want to turn them on until I really needed them to shine.
 And a googly eye for his eye..even though it looks a little scary.
Also, I added some real bells onto the bells on the shirt! I used a hot glue gun for everything, and it was super simple.

I know its not a traditional "ugly sweater" but I wanted to step outside of the box a little bit, and Harper loves animals so she will love this! 

I'm afraid to take pictures with it on because I don't want anything to fall off. I feel like the glue gun will keep everything on pretty well..but who really knows!? 
Will definitely be showing off the final product after this weekend! 
Hope everyone has a great day! 
Let me know if you've made an ugly christmas sweater before, and how it worked out for you! Would love to see some other ideas! 

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