Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Traditions!

Eek! I saw this cute little holiday Q&A type thing on a few other blogs, and it was too fun not to do!
Love getting to know about others holiday traditions so join in, ladies! Let me know in the comments when you've done it so I can be sure to check out your answers! :) 

A holiday tradition: Every year, my mom and I always have matching pajamas. Now that I'm married and we have Harper, we have expanded it to include everyone!
My mom and I still have a special tradition of giving each other mother/daughter ornaments every year, and I really love that!
When we are in PA with family on Christmas morning, we all match then, too! 
This was Christmas 2014! Our first Christmas with our sweet Harper Love!

 What you'd love to see Santa bring you most this year: I think I would really love a Fitbit. Other than that, I'd love some new tufted dining room chairs! The chairs are from my grandmothers set, and super old and proooobably not really safe to sit on? haha so I'd love to be able to snag some new chairs! 
Seriously lusting after these guys...

What's your go-to stocking stuffer item: Deodorant.  Always deodorant. And lotions. Seems so simple, but those are such necessities! Oh! And socks! 

Who is the hardest to shop for during the holidays:  My dad. Definitely. I feel like he's so picky and he always says he has everything he needs! And he doesn't let on to things if he wants them, and usually just ends up buying them!

 Favorite winter accessory: Uggs! If you couldn't tell, I'm all about comfort and being cozy. My toes stay warm and I'm a happy lady in these bad boys. 

Christmas tree lights {colors or all white?}: I am 100% an all white light tree kinda gal. However, since having Harper, I have decided that colored lights are okay because she loves them. Luckily, the new artificial tree we got this year has like 40 light options so I can put the colored light option on for her, and then at night I can easily just switch them over to the plain white lights!
But isn't that tree just to die for!? Its at the Gaylord at National Harbor. We go every year to see Ice! 

 Favorite holiday cocktail: Eh, I'm not really a drinker so nothing in particular. Arbor mist? haha

 Favorite holiday food: My mom makes this holiday toffee and its soooooo good. She only makes it around the holidays and usually gives it out as gifts so I really consider this a special treat! Its a secret recipe in our family, and I am hoping I can learn it this year! 

Do you have a good white elephant gift idea: A Snuggie. I mean, its so practical! You are warm and cozy, but can still play Candy Crush and speed through those commercials on TV. Amazing. 

 Do you have a funny picture of you and Santa as a kid {post if you do}: Wah no. If only there were digital cameras back in my day...
But heres one of my baby mini from last year! 

Do you like candy canes: Yes! Whats not to love!?

Hot chocolate... marshmallows or no marshmallows: I mean I'm not against marshmallows, I honestly just prefer to put whipped cream on my hot chocolate! My mom makes THE BEST homemade hot chocolate and I drink it daily in the winter! And always with whipped cream..maybe I'll throw some marshmallows on there too sometime. 

Favorite holiday song: Celebrate Me Home-Kenny Loggins. I don't know why, but I just love that song!
And obvi a huge fan of *NSYNC's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. That one shouldn't even need to be mentioned. 

Favorite holiday movie:  Buddy the Elf, whats your favorite color!?

Have you ever been on a sleigh ride: NO! But this would be so cool!? Imagine going on a sleigh ride in NYC while its snowing and looking at all the decorations! Be still, my heart! 

A fun holiday memory: We have kind of stopped doing this the past couple years as its pretty time consuming and can get expensive, but my moms side of the family usually does a Christmas play, and every member of the family has a role. Now, we're talking like 50+ people since my mom is one of 7 and I have a ton of cousins. Theres no divorces in our family and a handful of cousins are married and have kids of their own, so its pretty hard to find a part for everyone! Its so fun though and I hope we can start doing it again soon! 
This is from 2012 and our family has expanded since then! 
Can't wait to read what great holiday memories people share! Have a great day, y'all! Merry, merry! 


  1. Wow what fun traditions! Love that you all buy matching pajamas, so cute! & of course that Nsync song is the best holiday jam ;)

  2. Yay, I love reading these posts! I did one last week and it was fun filling it out. Although, I realized I totally misspoke about my favorite winter accessory...definitely has to be Uggs! I love that you do the matching pajamas...and having a Christmas play would be AMAZING with family. Love learning new things about you!


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