Monday, December 21, 2015

the weekend before Christmas!

So this year, like I said before, we aren't traveling for the holiday for the first time evvveerr! I'm so excited!
So this weekend, we headed up to PA to be with family there. RJ was out of town for work, so he wasn't able to go.
My assistant wasn't very helping in the packing department. She thought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing with her brother Morgan were much more fun.

hes a 70 pound yellow lab and hes so gentle and sweet with her. I love seeing them together!
I painted my nails a very festive red and green for the upcoming holiday! 
We left Friday night after my dad got off of work! 
Harper and Pop love to people watch at rest stops! Its finally getting chilly out so we had to bundle up that sweet girl!

Sista thinks she needs lipstick all the time. And shes clearly a pro at putting it on herself, also!

Saturday morning, we went to visit my grandfathers grave and took some Christmas decorations to the cemetery. Harper Love sent him some kisses :).

That night, we had our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Real life trying to get a picture with a crazy toddler!

All the girls at the party in our sweaters! My mom won the sweater contest! So cute.
My mom made her famous veggie dip (seriously, its like crack) and I made a little Christmas tree out of the veggies. Super cute, healthy and easy! 
 We did a Chinese Auction this year with all the cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a lot of fun!
We had a $25 limit, and it worked out great.
I ended up with a one of a kind shirt made about the bar in the town where my parents have a shore house, the Westside Saloon! 
I know this shirt won't make sense to anyone really, but its perfect for the little hole in the war bar where we all have such a great time as a family! 

The next morning, we went to the cemetery to see my other grandma and grandpop. Its a tradition on my moms side of the family to go the Sunday before Christmas every year. It may sound weird, but its a happy occasion to celebrate their life instead! We all bring snacks, have a couple drinks (or shots) in their honor and just spend more time together! 

We went to my other grandmas Sunday night and I didn't snag any pictures because my phone was dying, but we had a great time there also! We headed back home that night, got in late and hit the hay! 
So glad we got to see all the family this weekend and now can enjoy a quiet, lovely Christmas at home this year :)
Happy Monday, yall! 
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  1. Even though it was an ugly sweater party - she seriously could not be cuter!! xo, Biana

  2. It is so sweet that you took Christmas decorations to your grandparents grave. This time of year is all about family so I love that you did that. Also, Harper's Christmas outfits are on point. Just saying

  3. Pretty nails! Also, Harper's pretty good at putting lipstick on by herself ;) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. So sweet that he's so gentle with her! Precious!

  5. Love your blog! Harper is just a doll! It's so sweet that she always loves to wear lipstick... my Olivia is addicted to chapstick. Haha!


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