Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Hap-pinning Wednesday!? Guest Room Edition

So like I said in Fridays post, my brother in law and his fiance are coming to stay with us over Christmas. 
That room is currently my craft room, and is turquoise.
I don't love that color for a guest room, but I don't have time to paint it before they come so it'll be fine, right!?
So anyways. We got this headboard for the room..

 I have these lamps I am going to use on the bedside tables..
(sorry for the crappy picture! I got these at Kirklands like 4 years ago, so they don't have them anymore. boo!)

For the bedside tables, I am in the process of painting two old oak tables my in-laws gave us with chalk paint and crackle. Loving how they turned out so far & can't wait to see the total finished product!
I got glass knobs for the drawers also!
Again, sorry for the crappy picture. It was night time when I finished it and I didn't snap another picture.
Have another one to paint still so if anyone is interested in a tutorial on how to paint these with the crackle, let me know! :)

I think I am going with this comforter set.
I am going for the whole shabby chic vibe..I'm sure my husband would say its too girly, but he would never let our bedroom look like this, so this is my fun room!

Now.. I need something for above the bed. Straight across from the bed, we will have a TV mounted on the wall so I don't need to worry about anything for over there. 
Soooo of course I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration for guest bedrooms! 
I love the frame with the wi-fi password! Will definitely be doing this, but not on the wall. Will probably put it up on the dresser or bedside table!

Love the idea of just putting up a wreath behind the bed since it is Christmas. That will also just give me some time to figure out what exactly I want back there after the holidays!

So love this option also. There is not a mirror in that room, and I do love when rooms have mirrors. We have an extra one so maybe I will paint that to put behind the bed, then stick a wreath up to be festive!? 
So many options! let me know if you have any suggestions!
Will be putting some fresh greens also on the bedside table and/or dresser because I love how those look anywhere! 
Linking up this week with Jessi!
Happy hump day!


  1. Love the lamps and I love the distressed look of the tables, nice job! I look forward to seeing the finished room!

    1. thanks! i only have a few more weeks to get it all finished up, so feeling the pressure for sure!

  2. Love that headboard, the night stands and the bedding!! So pretty. The mirror/wreath is a great idea - so simple and festive!

    1. The headboard is supposed to be delivered on Monday, and I can't wait to see it in person! :)

  3. Love everything here! (and def those lamps!) Thanks for joining in on the link up! xo

    1. Thank you! I love them too..seriously looking forward to getting everything all together and seeing the finished product!


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