Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bachelor Recap #2

Well, well, well. The crazy is coming out real early this season.

And the prime culprit is Lace. All I have to say about Lace is..girl bye. 
She really out-did herself the first week with the whole "you didn't even make eye contact with me" thing, but this week she just further proved her crazy by telling Ben over and over that she in fact, was not crazy. He seems to be a little slow on the uptake for that one. Either that, or he was told to keep her around for ratings and views. No way she stays around much longer. 

So much love for Caila. She is so cute & bubbly and seems so positive. 
Originally, I don't think I would have been happy to have my one-on-one time with the Bachelor to include two other people since their time is already few and far between, but she really handled it so well. She was such a sport & so fun the whole time. I would have been super annoyed, so snaps for her.
I think they had great conversation at dinner then which it seems is important to Ben. Previous bachelors, like Chris S, seemed like they were only worried about looks and that the girl would give up everything to move to middle of nowhere Iowa to live on his farm. 

Which brings me to Becca.  I think she's like a darker haired Carrie Underwood, and I looooove Carrie Underwood. She's so gorgeous, I love her morals and she just seems like an overall sweet person. I think they would be a great couple & I can't wait to see where they go from here!
Ben H is so much better for her than Chris ever was. Not a Chris fan. 

I love JoJo. She's adorable and I'm so glad she got the rose. Go head girl! She reminds me of Isla Fisher!

And I kinda think Olivia is a brat. Seems like she's been getting all the attention in her life based on her looks and I think her personality is stinky! She seems means and I don't think Ben would like that and once he finds out, I hope she's gone! She's gorgeous, but not right for Ben!
I did, however, love the little convo that went down between her and Lace. She was just like, bitch please, get over yourself because Ben is my man. 

The one person who I think may beat out Becca for my top spot, would have to be Lauren B. Frontrunner
And Ben is so sweet to her. Giving her the picture of them to give her the reassurance that he's still thinking about her? Perfect. Love her. I pick her as the winner right now. 

I also do love Amanda and I think the hair bow thing that Ben did with her was so sweet. I'm really glad she got the chance to tell him about her girls because thats such a big part of who she is. He seems great with it & I hope she sticks around for a while to get to know her more!

While I do think that LB is a little cray for leaving, I have to give her major snaps for knowing he wasn't right for her. Most of the other girls would have stuck around for the fame and noterioty of being on the show. She gave another girl the chance to stick around so I'm actually happy she did what she did & left. 

As far as the people who didn't get roses, I am sad to see Samantha go. I did enjoy her but I guess if ya don't see it, ya don't see it! And Mandi-will not miss you. I didn't see like any personality from you and you bored me. I'm sorry! 

So far, loving this season & loving Ben H! Can't wait to see what happens next week. Someone has a break down and starts crying!? Bring on the drama!


  1. New follower via the giveaway! :) I agree with all of your girls. I really liked Olivia night one but I'm losing interest now. I think Becca would make a great bachelorette!

  2. Becca and Amanda are my top 2 choices so far. Though, this season is starting a little slow for my taste. Did you watch Bachelor Live?


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