Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY Burlap Initial Wreath!

I loooooove wreaths! We have two outside-one on our actual front door and one on my pride and joy door-our barn door. 
My sweet husband found this barn door from me from an actual old barn that was being torn down a few towns north of us. He came home and surprised me with it one day & I have been in super love ever since! 

Since Christmas is over, I needed a new wreath to put outside. I have a hydrangea wreath I use in the spring usually, but since we got this new bad boy, I needed one more.
I love the look of the burlap on the barn door-kinda completes the whole rustic/barn/farmhouse look. Go figure, huh!?

This is super simple, isn't too time consuming (I would say 30 minutes if you've never made one before), and the results are super cute! 

Items needed are pretty simple:
  • wire wreath
  • two pipe cleaners (or more if it would make it easier for you!)
  • burlap ribbon (or regular burlap, if thats what you prefer! I went with the ribbon one this time because I already have a regular burlap one)-width 5.5 inches
  • whatever decor/design you want. I used the initial because I just wanted something simple and clean looking.

I know I have a few extra rolls here, but I wasn't sure how much I would need and also how full it would be.

 I purchased this burlap from Walmart at Christmas time, so I doubt they have it anymore. Most places do have it though-think Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns-pretty easy to find! 
I ended up using 3 rolls of this 10 foot burlap ribbon, so plan for 30 feet depending on how thick you want your wreath to be.

This was my first time working with the burlap ribbon, and I think it was harder to work with than regular burlap because it was thicker. It took a little more time to pull through the wires, but still wasn't too difficult. 

First I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the burlap and attached it to the wreath. I picked this tan color because it blended in well and well..its what I had on hand..haha.

Then you are going to pull the burlap through the wires. I typically like to do the outside one, then I bring it underneath and pull it through the innermost wires, then finally I go to the middle. I find that this works best because you can play with how thick or thin you really want the middle one to be depending on how the outside ones look! Sometimes they get to looking a little funky with one end looking too sparse another looking super thick and wide. Don't worry, if you find that it looks weird at the end, I have a tip to help you fix it! 

Keep doing that all the way around. Sometimes you may have to stop and go back. Don't get discouraged because it can be a little frustrating, but you'll notice very quickly if you need to back track. 

This is waht the back looks like. Nice and flat so that it lays well on your door! 


Ok so this is once its all finished. You see over there on the far left side right in the middle?  Kind of sticking out some?
So here's where the magic comes in. The ends of the burlap are usually a little "rough" right? So you can fold under the ends, and it makes it look a little neater, but also gives a little bit more fullness. Boom! Problem solved! You can do this anywhere in your wreath that you feel you might have a problem and/or want it to be a little more "perfect."

So as far as my letter, I made sure to purchase one with the little clear hook still attached..think like when you would buy it from the shelf and what its hanging on. One of those clear tabs.
This is important because that special little annoying clear tab is how I get my letter to stay on! 
I simply thread some pipe cleaner through that hole, and then twist it onto a "naked" spot on the wire wreath and bing bang boom..its on. 
When I say "naked" spot, I mean a spot that isn't quite as full. Maybe its where you started or ended your burlap. But you'll be able to tell when you're looking at it and the final product. 

And there you have it! Super simple and can be done while sitting on your couch at night watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars. 
Any questions!? Shoot me a comment and I'll get back to you via email. 
This may look a little complicated, but I promise its not. Once you actually try it, you'll see how easily it comes to you! 

Good luck, ladies! Enjoy! 


  1. This looks great! I want one haha!

  2. My mom has been making these! She makes them with paper too! They are so cute (so is yours)! I love wreaths! And such a nice barn door!

  3. Awesome tutorial! I love the polka dot burlap, so pretty! You did an awesome job!


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