Friday, January 8, 2016

First Friday Faves in January!

So happy to be back to the grind and catching up on everyone's favorite things for the week! 
Hope everyone's first week back at a full work week was wonderful & I'm sure we are all welcoming the weekend with open arms!
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Lets do this!

ONE ||
So my aunt had these stars (ah sorry! They are sold out online!!) at her house over Christmas, and I fell in love.
Then I found them on major sale after Christmas & snatched up 3 of them. Happy heart!
Obsessed with the natural look of them, the rattan and there's also a slight sparkle in them. They are adorable & the perfect accessory to leave out all winter long..maybe even all year round if I feel so inclined. They just tickle my fancy that much! 

TWO ||
Is anyone as happy as I am that The Bachelor is back!? I cannot wait to see what these ladies bring this season, and I especially cannot wait to see all the crazy that Lace brings to the table. #fiftyshadesofcrazy
I am a die hard Becca fan, so I am so pumped to see her back on the show.  She seems so sweet and genuine, and true to her values. I love that about her..because ya know, being on TV really shows someones true self and all..and I hope she makes it far!
So happy my obsession is back!
Would anyone be interested in hosting a link up with me to share our deepest, darkest thoughts about the contestants and how every week is going!? 
What a sweet little hunky Bachelor.

Have you heard of Decor Steals!? Its this amazing site where they have a "deal of the day" on home decor stuff. Its all very rustic and farmhousey-think Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines style. I love it & have been getting the emails daily for a few weeks now and have reaaaaaally had to hold back on purchasing some good stuff. Can't wait to finally make my first purchase through the site!

Old Navy is having some amazing clearance sales & some great steals on their active wear. I couldn't help but snag some things for Harper for next year. We got all her winter coats-each for under $10!!-and I picked up a few sweatshirts for myself for super cheap!
This is amazing. So comfy. So cozy. Cocoon Neck Fleece Pullover

I will finish out this wonderful list with this-
It would be super cool if I could win the lottery and be stupid rich. I'd share, of course. But I'd just like to win. Keep your fingers crossed that $650 million comes home to mama Saturday!

Happy weekending!!


  1. I love that sweatshirt! I am checking out their sales now.

  2. I need to get to Old Navy stat! That shirt looks so soft like you mentioned! your blog is adorable i cant wait to follow more about you and your journey this year! hope you stop by mine as well!

  3. Why did you show me Decor Steals?? Ahhhhhhhhh. I'm currently having a binge-fest on Fixer Upper and now I have an outlet for my obsession. This is dangerous.
    Have a good weekend :)

  4. I'm so happy the bachelor is back too! Definitely makes mondays better :)

  5. Number 5 reminds me I need to go buy a powerball ticket ASAP! Love those stars and that pullover. It looks so comfy and cozy.

  6. Cheers to the bachelor being back! Can't wait to check out decor deals. I'm obsessed with fixer upper!


  7. OMG, I'm just as obsessed with the bachelor as you are. A link up would be so much fun... Honestly I'm surprised Ben just didn't take the rose away from Lace when she said something along the lines like you didn't look at me in a room full of gorgeous women. It was crazy!!


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