Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites-1.22.2016

Yaaaassss. Friday!
 However, not so yaaaaas if you're from around these parts and the blizzard is heading your way. 
Even more so not fun since I have to work this weekend. And I picked it up as extra for a little extra cash-ola for mama. Fail.
Guess who will be stuck at the hospital all weekend long while hubby and baby love get snowed in? This super unhappy mama.

Anyways. Lets talk about cool stuff instead. 

ONE ||
 Look at these super comfy little guys. 
Picked them up at Target this week on sale for $7.50.
 I needed new slippers desperately. I have had my Ugg slippers for a good 4-5 years and they were seriously starting to fall apart. I wear them every single second I'm home (I'm a huge slipper person) so I'm surprised they lasted that long, honestly. 
I didn't think I needed to shell out the $120 for Ugg slippers when I have like 7 pairs of regular Uggs, so I have been on the hunt for a while now for some new ones. These have a foam sole so my foot molds right into them! They also have a hard base which is a requirement for me in case I ever need to go outside for the mail..or go to Starbucks..maybe make a quick Target run. You never know, I'm a little wild. 

TWO ||
So sometimes, when I'm feeling lazy, I use press on nails. 
So high school, right?
These nails are aweeeeesome. 
They last a good solid week, at least. And thats coming from someone running around with a toddler 90% of the time. They are cheap, look great, easy to apply and have lasting power. All great things in my eyes! 

I always get the "Real Short" version because I like my nails shorter, but there are different lengths if that tickles your fancy! 

So Cover Girl has recently come out with a new colored lip balm called Oh, Sugar!
They are obviously trying to mimic Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment.
I figured I would try it because, why not? For $6 as opposed to $26, no harm in trying. 
I was pleasently surprised. I tried the colors Caramel & Taffy. 
Of course it didnt stay on as long as the $26 version, but to be expected. I wouldn't complain though. I will probably still always keep one of the Fresh's balms around, but wouldn't mind trying more colors of the Cover Girl version! 
PS the tops of the balm don't look like that. They are pointy like a regular lipstick.

Still so in love with my burlap wreath! Was so easy & its so cute :) I think I'll end up leaving him out all year long now!

I got a new planner for the year-the Happy Planner. I think its very similar to the Erin Condren planner in the layout. There's monthly pages then weekly pages that have the breakdown of morning, afternoon & evening like the Erin Condren. Best part? I only paid $12 for this bad boy. 

Happy weekend! Hope everyone has a great one & for those of us in the way of the snowstorm, stay safe! 

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  1. Love all of this! I hope the snow doesn't hit you too bad, and you get to work safely! Welcome to my world 3 months out of the year ;-) Stay warm!

  2. OK, too funny I have so many UGGs as well and my favorite UGG slippers are falling apart so I'm thinking I should go to target and see if they still have some of those cute babies! And I actually use kiss nails all the time, they used to only have the French tip but now they're making them in colors and designs I have on some deep wine ones right now and just love them no one can ever tell the difference!! I hope it's a wonderful week gorgeous so sorry you have to work!

  3. I am forever on the prowl for new lip glosses... I think I need to try that Sugar stuff (the cheap one.. I can't do $26 for the expensive kind!)

  4. Can you please send me a pair of those slippers? I need news ones and I'm sick of walking in dog drool and baby food in my socks! Ps I'm totally making that wreath. Pps I hate the plural 'wreaths' said out loud. It's so weird to me

  5. Your nails look great! I really like your burlap wreath and that it is so versatile you literally can leave it out all year long. Stay safe this weekend!

  6. Your nails look great - I can't believe they are press ons & those slippers look so cozy!! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Ooo those Target booties are too cute!!! If you didn't say they were press-on nails I would have never known from the pic! They look real good!! Love that wreath, and seriously I need to get the cupcake shade of that lipstick! Ulta here I come! =)

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  8. I'm a huge fan of the Kiss press on nails and I love my Happy Planner. I was just in target and wish I would have checked the slippers out as Im also in need of new ones but I was on a hunt for snow boots for the boys. Stinks you have to work this weekend. Stay warm. Where on the East Coast are you from? We are in NJ.

  9. Okay that burlap wreath is amazing. Also- do those press ons ruin your nails? I think I might spring for some at the store today you're inspiring me :) I just don't want to wait for my nails to recover after they come off!

  10. Planners are a gift from God! Ha! Not sure what I would do without mine. Major bummer on working during this blizzard! :(

  11. I'm going to be snowed in at the hospital this weekend too. We're expecting 24-30 inches in NoVa. I may never make it home! Stay warm!

  12. Those slippers are adorable! I live in my Minetonkas. I will have to check out the Cover Girl colors. Stay warm! Jess at Just Jess

  13. I love your nails! I need to try those out soon! That wreath looks amazing, it's the perfect color to stay out all year around! Great idea! I have been seeing a lot of people sharing "Linking Up" posts. How do I get involved, if you don't mind sharing this info?


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