Thursday, January 7, 2016

Harper Love is 16 months old!

 So, maybe I had a mom fail last month and maybe I forgot to write about Harper turning 15 months old. It was a busy month, ok!?
Well, I'm not letting that happen again, so I'm here to report about Harper's 16 month old stats ( WAH WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY!?)

Still no doctor appointments for the official weight, which we are so thankful for, so not entirely sure! I think about 24-25 pounds. She seems like she really shot up in height, so we'll see at her 18 month appointment!

I do know that shes in the 99th percentile, just not sure of the exact number!

 She stinks at sleeping. There. That's all she wrote. Shes terrible at it and wakes up all the time and hates to nap and overall just hates sleep I think.

12-18 months still. I snagged some jackets for you for next year on super sale at Old Navy, and I'm just praying you continue with your same growth patterns so they fit you then!

 Size 4. I think we could step up our game to size 5, but still okay in the 4's. You wear size 5 to sleep in because otherwise you wake up soaked at night!

Is mac and cheese a food group? 
Okay, no. So other than mac and cheese, our food proof choices are grapes, Nutrigrain strawberry bars, Chobani strawberry greek yogurt, fruit strips and yogis. Give her all the yogis. 

 So for Christmas, Mimi gave us these princess magnets. Harper loves them so stinking much, I have them all over my house. And my car. They are so simple, but she loves them and sticks them to everything but gets mad when they don't stay. She moves them from the fridge to the dishwasher to the stove. She also particularly loves putting them in the dogs bed in the kitchen haha! She loves them so much, we even bought her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set, too!


 Her second Christmas. She learned how to open presents this year (as much as a 1 year old can) and it was so cute seeing her refuse to share gifts then so she could open them all! 
We stopped doing swim for a month over December, and we started back now this month and she is so happy. She really loves swim and I'm thankful she enjoys it!


Snacks. Playing with her best friend, Hannah. People watching. Swinging at the park. Walks. Milk in a bottle (we are trying to get her off the bottle, but its been torture. Any mamas with advice!?)


Basically eating anything other than snacks or mac and cheese.
Anything nutritious is terrible and poison to this chick. 
She also hates sleep. And going to sleep. And missing anything.
She's got a serious case of FOMO. Sorry, ladybug, but you're gonna have to miss out on stuff sometimes!


  1. She is soooo cute! And I swear her and my 17 month old little guy are long lost twins..the ONLY protein that goes down in our house are hot dogs and chicken nuggets! And he ends up in our bed every. single. night. And the bottle is like a drug, I swear! Just the sight of it or the word 'bottle' will cause a meltdown until it is finally in his hands. Let's just send our babies to play together and sit down for an hour of coffee?! ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness!! She is a cutie pie!! My best friend basically said the same thing about her daughter...she hates sleep. Who knows...maybe it's a girl thing! Best wishes at 18 month appointment! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. She is such a doll! This is going to be so fun to look back on when she is older.

  4. Happy 16 Months Harper!! She's so adorable. Xo

  5. She's so adorable! My boys were the same way with eating. Their tastebuds grow over time and they eventually start branching out to other things. Although, they still eat mac n' cheese-haha.


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