Monday, January 18, 2016


Well. This weekend kinda stunk.
Harper Love was super sick.
RJ was out of town so I was left to fend for myself in taking care of Harper.
Lets just say my diet went out the window this weekend and I survived on coffee & sweedish fish. 
But we survived & lived to tell the tale of our weekend! 
 RJ left to go out of town on Thursday morning at like 4am so I feel like our "weekend" began then because that's also when Harper woke up sick. 
But then something awesome happened, and her Hunter boots and boot socks arrived. And we fell in super love. She will always and forever have a pair now. 

Friday consisted of the typical mom uniform..sweatshirt, leggings and Uggs. 

We went to ChickFilA for breakfast and it was great, per usual. Harper loves their hashbrowns but she didn't even eat any. Thats how I really knew she was sick then. 
I got a new face wash. I have been breaking out (just minor but I don't want any break outs) and its Murad's acne one. I like it so far, but I hear I need to be careful because it can make your face feel like it just survived a wind storm. Let me know if anyone has any tips for other face washes in case this one doesnt work out!?

My Christmas tree was still up. No need for judgement. 

By Saturday, we were kinda dying. Well, maybe just me. She was up alllll night long coughing and sneezing and snorting. It was miserable. I was in survival mode, so of course we went to ChickFilA again for breakfast because, well, it was the best option at the time. 

By Saturday night, Harper was really bad. I could hear wheezing, so we headed into our urgent care. They did a chest xray and it was so sad, however the thing they use to keep them in place for the xray was kiiiiinda funny and put some humor into the whole thing. 
She just has a bad virus/RSV so we are treating it as such. Rest, fluids, hanging out. 
On the way home, I was a good mama bear and got her a vanilla frosty and some fries from Wendys. And she took it away with dipping her fry in the frosty. I see nothing wrong with that. 

Finally got the sweet thing down so I could do some mommy chores, and I finally got the tree down before the end of January. #goals. 
However one of my most favorite ornaments fell off the tree and broke and I was heartbroken. Its one from our honeymoon at Disney :(.
We are heading back there in May, so hubby reassures me that we can get another one. Doesn't make it better, but at least we can get a replacement! 

Sunday morning we got some snow flurries. I thought maybe it would help Harper feel better to get some fresh air, so we bundled up and went out on the back porch so play some! 

I also went through some of my clothes..and by some I mean the some in the spare closet upstairs that I haven't worn in 5 years and finally did something with them.
I put them in piles to sell, donate and trash! 
 Filled up 2 bags to send to ThredUp & decided I would keep going through all my clothes the rest of the week. Hoping to get rid of at least 50% of all my stuff since I wear the same thing over and over anyways. I don't need work clothes and I don't do anything but stay home and go to Target (hah..but really) so comfy clothes work just fine for me.

And here I am the end of the weekend by the time RJ got home. Out for a Starbucks to help me survive with day 5 hair. 
Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Aw poor Harper! I hate when little ones are sick, it's always so pitiful. And OMG that device they used at urgent care looks scary-haha I had no idea they even used stuff like that. Hope everyone gets feeling better soon! Also, side note your hair looks awesome in the last photo- I really like that cut/style on you!

  2. Those baby hunter boots are pretty much the cutest thing I've seen all morning! Have a great week!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. You got a lot accomplished for having a sick kid! target and chick are our favs too. I love that sweatshirt you're wearing! Hope baby girl is feeling better!

  4. My tree is still up (no shame). I just can't bring myself to take it down! We had people over this weekend, so we just moved it upstairs to our bedroom. Ha! And your poor, sweet Harper! The boots are adorable! However, I went into a slight panic attack seeing her in that contraption to keep her still. I suddenly pictured myself in one of those things...I would die!

  5. Poor Harper!!! Poor Mama!!! I hope she gets better soon... Owen had bad wheezing that sent us to Urgent Care too.. it's scary as hell. My Mom happened to be with me (thankfully) but I still cried the whole time and she had to comfort me...I can't imagine doing that alone like you did. You are a warrior!!

  6. Those baby hunter boots are the cutest things ever!

  7. Real mom life...tough but worth it. Hope she is feeling better. So impressed with your purging!

  8. Wow, your day 5 hair looks pretty darn good! And holy lashes!! Can we talk about how precious Harper looks in her snowsuit and boots? Too cute. I had Chick fil a for breakfast this weekend's never a bad idea.

  9. Oh my goodness, the Xray pic is hilarious! Poor thing though :( And I love the snow suit!


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