Monday, February 22, 2016

ah, the weekend!

Weekend, weekend! 
Not much happened over here.
I ended up getting sick with some funky sinus yucky junk, so we didn't get to enjoy the nice weather as much as I would have liked. Oh well, we still hung out and had fun! 

On Friday morning, we had our make up swim lesson since ours got cancelled earlier in the week due to the snow/ice! Look at little miss sassy waiting in her waiting suit. 1 going on 15 over here! 
Friday we had pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner, haha. Since its Lent, we can't have meat on Fridays so we really struggle with meals sooo we picked the easiest thing we knew-pizza. Solid choice and Harper loves it! 
 Whew..homegirl work up Saturday morning with some rouuuugh hair.

 Mimi did some spring shopping for our little chick and got her these adorable things for spring! They make me sooo happy! All from Target, obvi!

My parents brought back my little table I used to color on when I was little from my grandmas house, and Harper is now obsessed with coloring. Such a little artist we will have on our hands one day! 

My wild Saturday night drinking Gatorade. My friend posted a FB status about having a wild Saturday night and cooking dinner at 9pm & I said well, I'm in bed at 9 on a Saturday night soooo I think you win in the wild department! hah!

Harper loves reading books in bed, so we polished off a solid weekend by doing a little light crib reading before night night. It was nice and relaxing and I hope this sinus junk leaves me so soon! Ick! 
Happy Monday! 
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  1. We have that same bedtime book, my boys love it!!! Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

  2. Aww I hope you're feeling better! And your little girl is just the cutest thing EVERRRR

  3. I love her denim jacket! Sorry you had a yucky sinus issue - they are always unwelcomed - but glad you made the most of it! Have a great week.

  4. Feel better soon! Harper looks adorable in her little bathing suit!

  5. That leopard bathing suit! Love! Is it from Carter's? I almost got Mila the same (or similar) one last summer, but it sold out in her size too quickly. Harper looks SO adorable in it! Haha, your Saturday night sounds about as crazy as ours!

  6. Your little one is so adorable! Love the first photo in the swimsuit. :)

  7. Harper is seriously the cutest. I love how seriously she takes her reading. :)

  8. Drunk on electrolytes! Ha! Hope you're feeling better!

  9. "wild weekends" aren't what they use to be for sure!!

  10. Harper is the cutest thing!! I taught swim lessons to infants up to 6 year olds and it was the best thing. So smart to start her young because you never know if she could fall into a pool or something! And pizza on a Friday is never a bad thing, I've been craving pizza so after reading about it I like NEED it haha. Also I love how you dress Harper, she is so cute in all her little outfits!

  11. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that you got sick! Getting sick as a mom is the worst! And could your little one be any cuter! Oh, and those swimsuits! I have to go to Target because their good stuff always sells out! And they have the absolute best deals for little kids swimwear! Hope you are feeling better!


  12. that little leopard bathing suit! Stop it is so adorable!


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