Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites~2.5.16

Superbowl weekend, friends!
My team didn't even make the playoffs..womp, womp..however, I am rooting for Denver because I think Peyton Manning rocks.

Tomorrow, I have plans for a whole lotta this:

This week, I have some favorites though.

ONE ||
Has anyone watched Married at First Sight!? Its a show where they have specialist evaluate literally every aspect of these peoples, education, career, finances, family, crisis, everything..and they match them up together. They have 6 weeks together where they work with these different therapists and counselors about every part of marriage, and at the end of the 6 weeks, they decide if they want to stay married or get divorced. I am excited to see where they all end up, since their relationships have drastically all changed since they first met..and got married. 

TWO ||
We are thinking about sending Harper to a little preschool next year (she will be 2 in September) just two times a week for 3 hours a day. She doesn't go to daycare at all, so we think it will be some good interaction with kids her own age. Any mamas have any tips/words of advice on this topic!? :) 

Three words. Old. Navy. Cash. 
WOOOOOO! I haven't made any choices I'm 100% attached to yet, but here are a few of my favorite options so far! 

Taco soup! This has got to be one of my favorite meals much a favorite that my husband is tired of it and I have to eat it alone. Wah. But its so good and filling! Beans, ground turkey, stewed tomatoes, corn, dry taco mix & dry ranch mix. Crock pot. Boom! Its a staple around these parts in these chilly months.

FIVE || 
I'm trying a new face wash routine/some new products and am happy with it so far. One thing I am really liking which I wasnt too sure about is the Boscia Detoxyifying Black Cleanser. It gets warm on your face and I have noticed a decrease in blackheads, which is part of my ultimate goal! Anyone have any other great face washes/lotions I need to know about!?

PS-One my girlfriends hubby comes homes today from deployment! Shes due to pop any day now, so its a blessing that he got home in time to be here for the birth :) 

Happy Friday!

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  1. Happy Friday! I love me some Peyton, so I am cheering for the Broncos as well!

  2. Amen to Saturdays in pajamas! My daughter started a Mother's Day Out program when she was 1 and then at 2.5 she started preschool. MDO was perfect because it was only half days 3 days a week. We started preschool in August (she would have been 2.5) and it was all day every day because I went back to work. Initially drop off was the hardest thing because she was so used to being with me that it was hard for her to concept. Now, 6 months later, it's the greatest thing we've done! I almost quit work to stay home with her and I'm so glad I didn't. She has changed and grown so much its unreal. People skills, learning development and her preschool teaches a lot of life skills too. I love it. Sorry for the long response... Have a great weekend! :)

  3. So exciting for your friend!! I will have to try that face wash...I still struggle with blackheads! I thought they would go away after my teens...apparently not!! Have a fun weekend!!

  4. Taco soup is the BEST! So is that pajamas and coffee quote ;)

  5. I have not watched Married At First Site but I have heard about it. I think it sounds kind nuts. Do you like it? Should I be tuning in? Your daughter will love school! Playing with other kids will be awesome for her! Have a wonderful weekend! I hope it is relaxing!

  6. I LOVE Married at First Site haha! I don't have cable so I only watch it occassionally at a friends but I just get so sucked in!

  7. That taco soup looks delish! We, too, are thinking about sending our almost 2 year old to a Montessori school in the Fall! Baby #2 is due in July and I think I am going to need the toddler-free time! He has never been to daycayre either and I am super nervous about even considering it. But I think it will be great socialization for him also! Hope the decision doesn't weigh too heavily on you, its so hard letting them grow up!

    Happy Friday Mama!

  8. Saturday in PJs sounds perfect! I don't have kids but I've heard starting the kiddies out slowly instead of full-time is much easier for school!

  9. I am loving that Old Navy romper and taco soup is one of my favorites. I don't have kids yet, but I do have 10 sweet first graders that I teach everyday and I believe starting slowly and easing them into that setting is best. Good luck!!!

  10. I'm OBSESSED with Married At First Sight! I heard David is a real tool bag in "real" life... like a ladies man - how the hell that happened, I have no idea. lol

  11. I started my oldest in preschool when he just turned 2 (he has a September bday too). It was AWESOME for him. I got a little breather, and he learned how to listen to other grown ups, follow directions, play with others, etc. I am so glad I did it because I think the social benefits were really great for him. It's funny...he won't sit still here, but when he has the "peer pressure" of everyone sitting at the table to eat snack, he follows right along. oh....and can I say #godblesspreschoolteachers. I mean. MULTIPLE 3 YEAR OLDS. I can't even.

    hope this helps :)

  12. I definitely watch MAFS (all 3 seasons so far)! I love it! I'm actually spotlighting that show on my blog (set to go live on Wednesday). Obviously, if we lived in the same town, television would give us plenty of reasons to have a girl's night! I love that we have some show-love in common! Unfortunately, if I were to predict based on what I've seen, I think only 1 of them stay together.

  13. That taco soup looks yummy!! Don't worry my husband hates it when I make tacos period. But my 6 year old loves it. So he wins and my husband loses. Lol. Hey by any chance do you have snap chat. I'd love to follow if you do. :-)

  14. Old Navy's my favorite! I even have a credit card and lots of free credits waiting to be used! (But I can't cause the credit card is maxxed ;p)


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