Friday, February 12, 2016

friday friday friday!

Yay, yay, yay! 
Friday! Lets get this show in the road!

ONE ||
Who is a Snapchatt-er!? I am alllllll about it recently! I'd love some new friends, so follow me & I'll follow you back!
I really don't post too terribly much, and mostly what I post is Harper doing weird stuff.
But I do love to see what everyone does on a day to day basis!
PS-Why can't I find my friends via Facebook!? Thats annoying. I think I'd learn so much more about people besides statuses about going to the bathroom or when someone when to bed.

TWO ||
I don't know about any of yall, but my child is dead obsessed with these magnets.
They are magic makers in my house.
They are Melissa and Doug brand and she has both the Mickey Mouse ones and the Disney Princess ones. She carries them around the house with her and cries for her "manet." Anyone have any tips on similar things my little love child might be interested in!?
Mickey | Princess
So, this is more of a PSA for everyone instead of a "favorite."
I tried the Sally Hansen Nail Shields that you're supposed to put on before you apply gel polish.
Total fail. Absolute miserable, terrible, awful fail. 
Maybe I didn't apply them right. Or maybe its just a personal thing. But I was not happy that I wasted $7 on them, my gel polishes and an hour of my time. 
Its essentially this clear sticker that goes on your nail that is supposed to protect your nail when its time to take the polish off. 
But, if you're anything like me, I just tend to pick and rip off the gel polish which "ruins" your natural nail. (I don't really get that because your nail has been all filed down anyways so the gel polish can stick..once its open to some air and some oxygen gets flowing, my nails always come back to normal pretty quickly.) Of course I thought that this would make it easier when the ripping off process began.
Well, I was right about that. But the in 5 days my polish lasted on my nails, they started coming off anyways without me wanting them to.
So, when I was originally putting them on, I was getting frustrated. The directions stated that if you got bubbles when applying, to smooth them out with this little applicator it came with.
I did that, but the stickers are super long so you're supposed to fold them over your natural nail and then file off the excess. However I think they are made cheaply so when I would file, it would pull the excess and the ends of my nails were choppy. That's the best way I know to describe it. I figured I would go ahead and give it a go anyways. When I was applying my polish, it seemed to go on smoothly, there weren't bumps and it applied evenly. 
Initally, I was happy with it. 2 days later was a different story. 
My nails began chipping and coming up in the corners. SO annoying. I did this Sunday night while watching the Super Bowl, and by yesterday, they were all completely off.
Don't get me wrong, it was nice that they came off so easily. I just wish they had stayed on for the 2 weeks I am used to. Womp, womp.
Such first world problems. 

This is when I first put on the nail shield.

All finished!

This was on Tuesday. You can see where they are already chipping.

This is harder to see, but if you look closely, you can see that the polish is peeling up off the nail.
Valentines Day this weekend.
Hubby and I decided we aren't doing presents this year, and will just grab some food on Sunday once hes off. I'd still like to do something little for him..any suggestions!? :)

My child has slept through the night the past 5 nights. And this is something that has made me feel like a brand new woman. I miss her at night and still wake up to go check on her (does that ever end!?) but I cannot complain about getting more sleep!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day..or Singles Day, if thats more your style! ;)
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  1. Thank goodness for more sleep! Louise slept last night from 7 - 5, but Cam fell out of bed and woke me up around 2, so I still didn't get a full night. (And I was up a few times listening for her! Ah!)

    We are doing a low-key Valentines, too...I think Chad is teaching me how to make gnocchi!

  2. Yay for your lady sleeping through the night! Just have to share as my husband was leaving for work this morning he said 'you know your kid is a bad sleeper when you wake up and they aren't in your bed so you go make sure they are still breathing' I think we will still creepily be watching them sleep even when they are teenagers! And BOO to those nail shields..glad to know they aren't worth the time!

  3. My daughter has the Princess dress-up magnets and loves them! We have sets in the car, the house, grandparents house - everywhere! I believe they are Melissa and Doug but I'm not sure. They are so much fun for her. I'm probably one of the few not on bored with Snapchat.. sigh. Maybe one day. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Cheers to a valentine date, presents or not! So so happy you're getting sleep!

  5. Glad you're getting sleep

  6. That's a huge bummer about that nail sticker. I would be so annoyed if they chipped 2 days in! Sometimes just getting his favorite candy or favorite ___ is a cute gift!

  7. Yay for sleeping through the night :)

  8. Bummer that the nail shield didn't work, but good to know! Those magnets are adorable! Mine still love to play with magnets even at 4 and 5.

  9. My little guy would love some of those Mickey magnets! We are doing a casual family dinner for Valentine's Day and my husband and I will exchange cards and something small too. I'm thinking of his favorite snack and maybe a new book? Hope you have a great weekend! -Lisa

  10. Yay for snapchat! I'll def have to add you (jessicamc313 - I think thats me haha) Have a great weekend! xo

  11. I think you're going to need to do a snapchat tutorial because I'm just not figuring that stuff out! As far as a little something for the hubs, I would suggest either doing coupons (ie: a coupon for his favorite home-cooked meal) or gifting him HIS choice of a movie in (or out...but if you have Netflix and a couch...why waste it?)

  12. That is such a bummer about the nail shields. I'm always looking for a way to get my home manicures to last longer. I feel like it's a never ending quest! I have used Sally Hansen's gel clear topcoat, and that seems to help a little.

  13. OMG Jenn, those magnets are super cute though. My lil one is obsessed with stickers at the moment but I may have to look into these magnets. Thanks for the share. Ill be following you on snap chat hope you follow back! :)

  14. Hi Jen! My son LOVES those magnets!! We have a white board hung up in his room so he can play with them (it's magnetic). :)

    Thanks! Erica @


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