Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thoughts everyone has while watching the Bachelor

Another week of the best show ever. 
The drama. The love. The tears. 
Its the best. 

I can sum up this whole episode in just a few words.
Those words involve Olivia.
Bless her heart. 

I had a lot of thoughts while watching this episode. Too sporadic to put into real sentences. So here we go. 

1. When did this turn into the Olivia Show? 
2. Why so many voice overs of her? Does anyone else have opinions? Or just her?
3. But shes pretty without makeup. Ugh. 
4. They all have perfect skin. How is that possible? 
5. Is it just me, or does Olivia look like a fish? 
6. Why would Ben care if Amanda has kids? Obviously hes serious about getting married and having a family. Don't think kids would be a deal breaker at this time. Good for her. Kids rock.
7. Ohhhhh no Ben. Playing with fire going in on those girls sleeping with no makeup and their hair not done. Bad boy. 
8. Wait. Does Amanda really look like that when she first wakes up? Does she sleep with makeup on?
9. Lauren H-you go girl. You rock that retainer. 
10. Seriously, is this the Olivia show?
11. Wow. A Bachelor McDonalds commercial. Someone is a big spender. 
12. Hm. Jubilee. Hm.
13. These girls who come and think hes only dating them baffle me. YOU KNEW THERE WERE MULTIPLE WOMEN WHEN YOU SIGNED UP!?
14. Why are they all tan? Do they have a personal spray tanner on site?
15. Aw. Bye Jubilee. 
16. Its weird that he explains when girls leave. They left. Mind ya bizz. 
17. Why did JoJo interrupt him during his explanation? Weird. 
19. OLIVIA GOT THE ROSE!? Benny boo boo. Noooooo.
20. I think I fell in love with Lauren H. So positive. So sweet. So genuine. 
21. Aw. I feel bad for Emily. Seems like Olivia is really getting to her.
22. I hope Ben doesn't send Emily home for this. 
23. I hope he takes Olivia's rose back. She stinks. 
24. Ohhhh..boo-yah Olivia. Go talk to Ben! Take! Her! Rose! Take! Her! Rose!

Can we fast forward to next week? Puh-lease!? 
Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. I haven't been watching The Bachelor but this whole Olivia drama is really intriguing me!!! I might have to catch it and fast forward to her scenes! I wonder if she kept the rose?!?!?!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. I didn't see the end...what happened?! Olivia needs to be gone...she is just too much. It creeps me out how she talks about Ben like he isn't dating multiple other girls. Like he is "her's".

  3. Oh my goodness...so many thoughts including how annoyed I was at their "to be continued." Not their best cliffhanger because, obviously, he keeps Olivia another week (I base this off the scenes for the next episode). My "random thoughts" will be up in the morning. I don't think the circus is ending anytime soon from the sounds of it!

  4. I hate 'to be continued' episodes - they totally throw me off for the next one. I really liked Olivia on night one and part of me wants to believe editing/producers are making her seem crazy and then part of me things she's just nuts!

  5. This is too funny, I don't watch it but a friend of mine was just telling me about Ole Olivial


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