Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Recap-2.1.16

Not really sure what happened to January.
Anyone know? Because I feel like it was just NYE? 
Anyways, welcome February! 

My weekend consisted of a whole lotta this:
Thats actually hot chocolate, but in reality it just consisted of a whole lotta hot beverages.
We had a lazy weekend. Which was awesome and totally made up for the fact that I was trapped in the hospital all last weekend during the blizzard. That stunk.
I also had no blog motivation (aka the one post I made last week. oops..sorry).
But I'm back on the horse this week/month.

Anyways, heres a photo dump of our weekend! 

I got a blow out on Friday and Harper Love got a mini cape to match mama!

Can anyone find this wristlet for me!? Its my friends. I was holding it hostage. But I love the color. K thanks!

Sassy pants diva at lunch. I'm gonna have my hands full.

Well. Cadbury cream eggs are back on the market. Can I live solely off them?

Old Navy had all their activewear on sale for 50% in store on Saturday! I have been eyeing these bad boys for quite some time, so I was really excited to grab them! Love anything herringbone! 

How'd she get so big?

 Picked up these gorgeous babies for my little for the spring/summer. $20, Michael Kors and leopard is neutral. Total mom win. Now, do they come in my size?!

The weather actually got super warm on Sunday.
When I say super warm, I mean like 55*.
So we opened the sunroof and cruised around like that while running errands!

That's all I've got. Super boring, laid back weekend. Loved it. 
Happy Monday! So pumped for The Bachelor tonight!
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  1. Your little mini is too cute - I also got some MK shoes this weekend haha! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That wristlet is super cute! Love that color! What a fun weekend. I think I need a blow out this week!

  3. That wristlet is gorgeous! Have you checked Macy's? I feel like they always have great MK stuff!

  4. Oh my goodness! Those little MK's are adorable! I had no idea MK made mini-me versions! Definitely a mom win!


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