Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend..aka binging on Fuller House.

Happy Leap Day? Is that the right term!? Feb 29 just sounds weird to me. Sorry if thats your birthday. But real question..when do you celebrate? Because I know I would celebrate on Feb 28 AND March 1. 
In other news...
My weekend involved a whole lotta this:
No. I really did other things. 
Like Friday, I got this awesome new fruit holder! I have been wanting one for a while but I could only find silver ones! I drug my husband through Home Goods and we stumbled across one in the oil rubbed bronze finally! Score!
Harper also has been spending a lot of time perfecting her fist bump. 

Saturday, I worked. And it looked like this:

Then Sunday was gooorrgeous, so we spent a lot of the day outside! 
We went for a long walk in the neighborhood, I got a spray tan, we did sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles and played in Harpers car. It was nice to have some time outside! 

I think I might have a problem with wearing black and grey..oops.

Harper got her first skinned knee. Shes such a tough little girl. I never even knew she fell and skinned her knee until we got in the tub! 
We also took some time to take some funny pictures! This girl is the funniest little thing. 
I will leave you with these! :) 

But back to Fuller House. I did finish the whole season this weekend. Sooo..theres that. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday! 
Linking up with Biana today for a weekend recap! 


  1. I only watched the first episode, but I'm such a sap and cried-haha It does look like a really cute show and I can't wait to watch the rest. Adorable photos of you and Harper!

  2. Eeeee Fuller House! I only got about 6 episodes done this weekend. I'm excited to have it to watch during nap time!

  3. I totally binged on Fuller House too - I mean it was TGIF all over again and so happy you were able to enjoy the glorious weather yesterday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Your little lady cracks me up-she is so cute! And I love the fruit basket-Home Goods is seriously amazing and every time I go in there I want all of the things!

  5. I so enjoyed the nice weather this weekend! I can't wait to start Fuller House!!

  6. I've heard mixed reviews on Fuller House, some people love it some people thing it's really cheesy and not well done. I haven't checked it out yet.

    Love all your fun pictures from the weekend, Harper is too cute.

  7. I totally binged on Fuller House too!! One minute I was crying, one minute I was laughing!! Loved it so much! Really glad I found your blog =)

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  8. Aww boo about the skinned knees, but she looks adorable! Fuller House was on the menu for this weekend for me too, I didn't binge, but love the show so far!

  9. I watched quite a bit of Fuller House this weekend too! Loved it!

  10. I also started that show and I'm kind of obsessed!

    xx Chelsea

  11. Harper is too cute, I love her big bows!!!!

  12. Yay for beautiful weather! I have yet to watch Fuller House - maybe I will start tomorrow!

  13. Haha loving all those cute selfies! She is too adorable! But such a trooper for not crying when she skinned her knee!

  14. I haven't gotten to watch Fuller House yet, but it is happening SOON!!!


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