Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekending-~After the Super Bowl

So, we had a super lazy, fat filled weekend. It. Was. Awesome. 
Friday, we hung out, grabbed some coffee, went to Target.

Did some grocery shopping for our goodies for the Super Bowl. We wanted to get our shopping in early so we wouldn't be bombarded with all the last minute food shoppers for the weekend-hah!
 I made some yummy lemon & cucumber water. Delicious!
 I have been wanting this mat for soooo long & we finally snagged it at Target!
And this is what our night consisted of Saturday night. In bed, watching TV by 9. #partyitup
 Except then, I got a craving for some ice cream sooooooo I may or may not have gone out to Target to satisfy our craving! Nom nom.

Sunday morning, Daddy went out to get the girls coffee & donuts while we snuggled cozy in bed.

We made THE BEST recipe ever-tater tot filled cheese burgers. oh my gah. To die for.

Harper's godfather and his girlfriend came over for a bit before the big game and Harper very much enjoyed the box her present came in more than the present itself! 

Ladies and gents, we have a Puppy Bowl fan.

Mmmm..then for one of our Super Bowl dishes, we (RJ) made a loaded baked potato dip, and fried the potato skins to use as the dipping utensil. It was awesome.

Super Bowl watching! We were cheering for Denver because we are Payton fans, so we were happy with the outcome! Woooo!

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Drooling over that loaded bake potato dip...YUM! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love that rug, so cute! Also, that cheeseburger concoction looks amazing!

  3. I wish I would have been at your house for the Super Bowl!! That food looks so good!

  4. I saw that mat at Target today too!! And I swear I almost bought it! It was between that one and a blue on that said Hello! SO cute! I didn't end up with either though, I decided to wait until I move into my new apartment.

    Um your little girl is adorable! :) And I need that dip in my life ASAP. lol

  5. Mmmm... lemon cucumber water sounds delicious! I'm gonna have to try that!!!
    And Puppy Bowl... what's not to love?!

  6. Target always makes for a good weekend. So does food. I see you had all those in check! Ha! Why do kids love boxes so much? I started giving my nephew gifts in a bag so he'll like the gift more than the box. Beat him at his own game...

  7. That Home mat is soo cute! We got Ben and Jerry's this weekend too : )

  8. Harper is just beyond precious. Sounds like a fabulous weekend with a ton of yummy food. Like you I am a big Peyton fan so I was super happy the Broncos won!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love to find new blogger friends! I love that doormat, it is so cute! -lisa

  10. Aaaaah! That home mat is so cute!! You can always count on Target!


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