Thursday, February 4, 2016

you know you're a mom when...

  • Your child is always put together & looking like a million bucks. Meanwhile, you're barely making it..bumming it in your yoga pants, top knot and no makeup. 
  • You can't wait for nap time and/or bed time for some space, but once they are asleep you miss them. 
  • Grocery shopping alone is no longer looked at as a job, but a vacation. Go get yo'self some coffee and shop away mama. 
  • Hoodie weather means no one knows if you're wearing the same shirt you slept in..that you may or may not have also worn yesterday. Or if you're wearing a bra. Yes, I showered. 
  • It's not even worth it to go get that morning cup of coffee anymore because it takes more time to get stuff packed up, everyone dressed and out the door, then unloaded then it does to get the cup of coffee. 
  • A good meal is anything hot.
  • Your jackpot parking spot is right next to the cart corral. Score! 
  • You feel well rested after a solid, uninterrupted 4 hours of sleep. 
  • You think you're getting ahead by doing laundry, but instead its on its third wash because moving it to the dryer and having to fold it just seems like too much work. 
  • You're sure your heart could burst because you've never felt love like this, but they end up doing something better and your heart grows just a little more inside. 
  • Your new title of "mom" is the best job you've had in your whole life.


  1. Yes to all of this, especially missing them during nap time!

  2. This is so sweet! And hilarious! I seriously don't think I will ever find grocery shopping fun, but it sounds like if kids enter the picture, it may be my get away.

  3. Love this! So sweet and true! Sometimes I look back at what my life was like before kids, and I'm like wow, my life was super boring! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I think I might be losing at life. I do a few of those and I have no children. Ha!

  5. Thumbs up and a big yes! ;-) LoL You know you're a mom when you read this post and embrace it screaming yes that is me!!!


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