Thursday, March 31, 2016


Well hey there, last day of March. 
I feel like this month flew by, and suddenly, its April. How!? Where have I been!? How did I miss a whole month!?
Time for some confessions! 

I confess that..
this past week my blogging game has been seriously lacking. I just needed a little break, and it felt good.
Now I have so much to catch up on! I feel like I have missed so much!! 

I am ready for baby #2. Baby fever is real, y'all. 
But I have some serious struggles thinking that Harper won't get as much love. How could I possibly have more space in my heart to love another person THAT much!?
Will Harper be upset with me? Will she feel less love with another little person around!? 
I don't want her to be an only child, but how is it possible to love someone else this much!?

Yesterday, I had 3 coffees. I make my caramel macchiatos at home, and I made 3. Why!? No reason. I just felt like I needed them. Oops.
And since I made 3 at home, I used up the last of my stuff. I'm talking no more vanilla flavor, no more coffee cups, no more caramel. Thats it. Kaput. Nada. So I need to go get some ASAP to get my fix! 

I tried to stay off my phone this past weekend while we were out of town for Easter, and I think I did a great job! Like I said, I missed out on so much and literally have no clue whats happening in the world of social media, but it was niiiice. I would leave my phone in my room for hours and not even check it! My family was there, my baby and my hubby. If someone needs me, they all can wait! 

And in some exciting news, Mackensey from Stang & Co & myself are going to start hosting a link up on Tuesdays! 
Talk about it Tuesday
Which basically is exactly what you think it is. Talk about whatever is on your mind. 
Bad day at work? Talk about it!
New favorite product? Talk about it!
Your most used recipe? Talk about it!
Having another baby? Talk about it! Give us your weekly bumpdates! 
DIY house project? Talk about it!
Late weekend recap, if you're anything like me? Talk about it! 
Tell us allllll about it!! 
We can't wait to see what you've been up to & how life is going! 
Grab the button below and link up with us starting next Tuesday, April 5! 

Have a great day!


  1. I've had friends that have said the same thing about whether or not they would be able to love a second child and they all did fine. Your heart just grows bigger for baby #2!

  2. Oooo I will definitely be back to for your linkup!! =)

    I took a little blogging break as well to just reboot myself and it was great!!

  3. I read an article yesterday saying that five cups of coffee was the number to get optimal benefits- so you're good. I'm the opposite on baby fever - P turned three and I have no desire for another one yet!

  4. Trust me, not only will you have plenty of love for both kiddos, your love for them triples. my oldest told me once that the best gift we gave her was a sister. Our older two are best friends and my love for them and baby button is endless.

  5. Yay for new link ups. I love it. I think you will be able to love another baby just as much as Harper. I have two girls and I love them both so much. There is room in your heart. It seems impossible, but I know you will.

  6. Loving the idea for the link up and will definitely participate (just remind us!)
    Blogging breaks are ok, and sometimes they're totally needed!!

  7. I had the same worries when I was pregnant with #2 but trust me you love both more than anything. Confession: I totally have baby fever too! haha Yay for a new linkup-how exciting!


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