Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Five~3.18.2016

HELLLOOOOOO & happy Friday! 

ONE ||
I got these roots taken care of today, finally. That my friends, is something to seriously celebrate, am I right!?

TWO ||
Old Navy is killing it with their active wear. Now, I don't discriminate here and I will wear my active wear every day without shame, but it is also great for working out. I have been going to spin a few times a week now, and dare I say that I may like Old Navy pants, specifically, possibly more than the other expensive brand that I will not name!?
They are great in prices, and the compression aspect sucks everything in & mama likes that! 
Some of my favorites are these, these, and these!

YAY I got my S'well bottle in!!! I ordered her over the weekend with some birthday money and I AM SO EXCITED to use her! I got the sparkling champagne color from the glitter collection because it just seemed to speak to me. Will let everyone know how deep our love affair is after I break her in over the weekend ;).

Today its 70* out. And tomorrow, its supposed to snow. And also Sunday. Like 3-6 inches.  I don't know how I feel about this. I am definitely a winter lover, but this drastic weather  change is not my friend.

FIVE  ||
That being said, I am an avid spray tanner & I spray year round. I am happy to be able to spray tan and not look funny for being tan :) I would get asked if I went on vacation during the winter months, but I just hate being pale and literally refuse to lay in a tanning bed. Its so hard to self tan my whole body myself every 5-6 days, and that also does get expensive. You go through a lot of self tanner and need to replace the mits quite frequently also! So, my place I go to has an unlimited package for $40/month and I jumped on that. I think the prices have since gone up, but I still get my same beautiful rate! 

Happy weekend, friends! :) 

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  1. Amen to old navy active wear! Love that it's cute and fits well AND is way less $$$ that that other brand...;)

  2. Yeah, what the HECK is going on with snow this weekend?? This of course was made known to me JUST after I order two short dresses to wear over Easter weekend :(

  3. I really need to start getting spray tans. I always feel yuck when I'm pale, but I also refuse to lay in a tanning bed. I need to check and see if any of our local places have packages as cheap as yours! That's not bad!

  4. Have a blessed day!

  5. I love Old Navy's workout gear!! They always have such great options!

  6. ON yoga pants are amazing! I have a hard time holding onto my money there ;)

  7. Amen to getting the roots done! I got mine done this week too and boy do I feel like a new person! I've never tried ON's active-maybe I foresee a ON trip in my future!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

  8. Love those work out pants - I need to look into those. Do they go up high on your waist because those are a must for me! I can't wait to hear how you love your swell bottles. I've been lusting after one!

  9. Also...have you seen those Old Navy commercials with Elizabeth Banks? They crack me up SO much.

  10. two of my fav workout tanks are from old navy that i got for $12. ain't nobody got time for crazy expensive workout gear!!!

  11. I love spray tans. The person who I normally go to is expensive though and I haven't been able to find anyone with a great spray tan that's cheaper. I wish I could splurge to go year round because I'm not a fan of the pale look, haha.


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