Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my top 10 beauty products

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 So, if I could only take 10 makeup products with me and have them forever and for always, these would be them. Kinda shallow that I have 10 products, but it ain't easy making alllllla "this" happen & come to life. 

1 ||
So this illuminator is amazing. I usually will mix it with my foundation and  apply it with my beauty blender, but even alone under foundation or BB cream, it gives such a gorgeous, dewey glow. I was just using it sparingly for special occasions, but with the summer approaching, I have been using it daily. Who hates an illuminated glow? No one, thats who. 

2 ||
I have been around the block when it comes to foundations. Have tried them all pretty much. I have way too many to count in my makeup cabinet. But I always come back to this one. Don't quite know why. The color always matches my skin tone exactly, and it is so long lasting. Being a nurse and working 12 hour shifts, I need something with staying power and this delivers. My skin never feels dry and the coverage is perfect and just enough without feeling cakey.
PS-for days when my skin is behaving itself, I use the lighter counterpart to the foundation..the light version. Also just as amazing.  

3 ||
I don't think this concealer needs much introduction. Gets the job done on my under eyes as well as any unsightly breakouts. Lasts a a while & doesn't crease. Perfect. 

4 ||
So, one time during my midnight pumping sessions when Harper was little, I was watching QVC & came across this powder foundation. I ordered it because hey, we all get a little delirious when there's a newborn involved and you're up in the middle of the night all alone, right!?
Well, I fell in love. I love the flawless finish of this powder and its great to set my concealer under my eyes. If I feel like I need another layer of cover up on top of my liquid foundation, this also does the job. It is just such a flawless photoshop like finish and evens out my skin tone great. Love. 

5 ||
Holy grail of blushes in the good ole' blog world. So flattering on every skin tone and the peachy/coral goes with almost everything. So sad to say that I'm almost out of it & when I opened it the other day, it had cracked-wah! Need to take a little trip to Sephora here soon to purchase some more! 

6 ||
If you have never smelled this stuff, do yourself a favor and go smell it. It seriously smells just like chocolate and I want to eat my face when I put it on. I love that this bronzer is matte, which I feel like is actually kind of hard to find when it comes to bronzers. I usually only like a little sparkle on my eyes occasionally, and not all over my face from my bronzer. Which is why this stuff is perfect. Long lasting, matte and smells like chocolate! 

7 ||
As a mama, I don't have the time I used to have when it comes to makeup. Especially eye makeup. This paint pot is like magic in a pot. Seriously. It can be used a primer, alone as an eye shadow and also a highlighter on your eye. Typically I just swipe it across my lid with my finger and put some on my inner eye to make my eyes pop some, and I'm good to go. Takes .5 seconds and adds so much to your overall look. 

8 ||
Highlight on fleek. Thats pretty much it. Its the best highlighter and if you aren't following Jaclyn Hill, you need to be.

9 ||
So this is great because its like a 3 in one thing. Its a lip color, cheek color and eye color in one spiffy little tube. Multi use things are just what I need in my life and take up less space in the purse. Gimme every color, por favor!

10 ||
Ah, the best for last. Mascara. I'm not super picky about mascara on a day to day basis, but I save this guy for special days. I haven't found any that can truly compare, but others have been close. Lots of volume, no clumps and stays on for-e-ver. Too pricey for me all the time, but if I only have to pick one favorite, this would be it.

And that's all I've got for ya today! Let me know your favorite beauty products, and if you have tried/use any of my favorites! I love finding new products to use (kinda a product junkie over here..shhh) so I'm all ears!


  1. Oo I'll have to check out some of these. I love that concealer, so much staying power. My coworker has told me about the primer pot and I need to get one of those, such an easy step to add a little glow to my eyes.

  2. Love these! I have been wanting to buy Champagne Pop forever! It's on my list. I just love her.

  3. Such a fun post! I always love seeing if I need to try out new products. Mascara is one of my favorite things - I love Clinique's High Impact mascara.

  4. Mac pro longwear concealer is one of the best! Love it!

  5. Mac pro long wear concealer is one of my faves too! It gives amazing coverage <3

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