Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Warby Parker Review

Have you heard about Warby Parker!? 
They are a fantastic company, and their mission is simple: to provide cheap, quality glasses to those who need them.
And the coolest part? For every pair purchased, they provide a pair to someone in need who can't afford to buy a pair. 
I don't know about you, but I can't see for squat. So being unable to afford glasses and truly needing them would be devastating. 
Another amazing thing about this company? They have a free "home try on" program, which allows you to see how you like the frames in the comfort of your own home. How cool is that!? I hate going to the eye doctors office and having to make a choice right then and there on which frames I like with a bunch of people around, obviously looking at my making my life altering choice. Can we talk about annoying!?
Maybe I like a certain pair better with my hair up. Or maybe this pair covers my mom bags under my eyes better?! Either way, I love being able to actually spend time in looking at the frames and seeing how they fit my face. 
The next best thing about the company is that they are affordable. That's right, check them out compared to your regular eye doctor where you'd pick up your specs. The price cannot be beat! They are great quality, super sturdy and unlike my expensive frames from other brands, it doesn't seem like the screws would get super lose right away so the arms would stay tight! 

Something else I really love about the frames? There isn't a huge logo on the side of it letting everyone know how much you paid and what brand you picked. Simple, clean and classic. Just how I like it. 
You know what else is great? Not only do they have regular glasses, but they also have sunglasses

They just came out with their new spring line and it is soooo cute.

I really think I'm into white shades also for the summer, so the ones below on the model are right up my alley. They look nice and big (I enjoy looking like a bug in my sunnies) and the slightly white tortise shell frame looks perfect. 
I can totally picture wearing those red frames with some cute white shorts, a navy top and red sandals! It would make your outfit pop, and also be a perfect outfit for the patriotic holidays we all love during summer! 
If you haven't checked them out for yourself yet, what are you waiting for!?
You have the opportunity for a risk free trial to try on glasses at home without being looked at like a weirdo when you try on frames that make you look silly (who has done this!? I've totally tried to rock cool frames and look like a total bozo in the store). Problem solved with this one!
They even pay shipping to you, and the return shipping. Perfect!
Let me know if you've ever tried them before and your thoughts! 


  1. I just worked with Warby Parker recently as well. I was really impressed with the quality of their frames! Great service too!

  2. So many beautiful frames and fun colors! Love that they donate a pair for every pair bought <3

  3. I love Warby Parker and I love the red ones, they are so pretty! I also love that they donate a pair with every pair bought!

  4. Ive heard a lot about this company! Definitely need to check them out :)

  5. Love Warby Parker! They have a great selection.

  6. I love my glasses from Warby Parker. I have regular glasses and sunglasses. They have great frames and great service.

  7. I need a good pair of sunglasses. Those are so cute!!

  8. Cute glasses, and the name is darling! Of course, my son's name is Parker so I'm a bit biased ;)


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