Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday! 4.29.2016

Bahahahaha. That was just too funny not to share!
I'm working all this weekend, so that whole mother thing doesn't really apply to me since I'll be gone 14 hours each day and my child will be sleeping the hours I am home. 

Lets get down to business! 
ONE ||
So, like, I know I've talked about Old Navy workout pants before and my deep, deep love for them. But THIS PATTERN, y'all. Its so pretty! And how they are high waist!? They just keep everything all sucked in. I look 10 pounds lighter wearing them to work out in, which just gives me more motivation to work out! GAH. So pretty. I may just need to purchase at least 2 pairs in both prints, just in case something terrible and devastating happens to them!

TWO ||
Real Housewives of Dallas.
I think I'm digging it. I think I like that the one chick is pretty basic and not super rich, but hangs with all the rich people because of her job. I love that they are kind of immature and goofy and not all fancy all the time. They have a sense of humor and I just think I like them. I hope it continues to be good and not a total bust like Potomac was.
The weather this week! It has been so nice out. We have spent probably 85% of our time outside, with the other 15% being eating meals and naps. Harper just loves to run around and pick flowers, do bubbles, and chalk. She also loves sitting in her stroller while I walk/run, so thats been great for getting workouts in every day! She just sits there and takes it all in! Shes such a social little gal and says "hi" to everyone we see while walking! haha

I'm excited to finally have some spring & summer shades on my nails! Dark nails are definitely my favorite, but I was ready this year to make the switch to the bright shades! I went with two colors that totally do not at all match, but I figure my feet are ok to be fun! And I painted my Harper's toes to match mine, so that was cute! 
I did my gel nails myself again! Love how much money I'm saving and I don't feel like someone punched me in the stomach if they start to peel off in a week!

I got some new running shoes this week & they have been great! I hurt my back at work and was just recently cleared to start running again & I have been taking full advantage!
I needed some new shoes so my super sweet mama treated me to this pair
I love bright colored shoes when working out. They help to keep me motivated when I look down and see something fun & pretty! I have had a lot of luck with Asics in the past, so I hope these give me the same success! 

Have a great weekend, yall! 
Until next week..


  1. Love those workout pants!! I'm excited to start wearing brighter nail colors too! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Asics are great, they have become my go-to for running, too! I have never bit the bullet and tried true gel nails at home, but I feel like I am crazy and should! And feel free to send some of those ON pants my way, LOVE them!

  3. Love those workout pant patterns! Super cute! Old Navy has been killing it this year with their clothes I feel like. I like Cary on Dallas (the one who is a nurse and married to the husband doctor she works with). Leigh Anne is a little much for me. I'll watch another week, but I'm not in love with the season yet.
    Hope you have a good weekend girl!

  4. I dont know why I haven't purchased any ON workout wear before, that needs to change!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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