Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday! 4.1.2016

Happy April! Happy Friday!
I don't have any cool shenanigans up my sleeve for April Fools Day this year, just hanging with my homie Harper Love! 

ONE ||
Because sometimes you just need a laugh and to know that you aren't alone in the world of parenting...

TWO ||
Ok so like forreal..I have been having serious face issues with breakouts and uneven skin tone, etc. I have seen through a lot of bloggers the Tula skincare line and thought I would give it a go. It was actually developed by a GI doctor, and is made with probiotics. (No, this is not at all sponsored. I just tried it and have been in love so wanted to share). I was super skeptical, but probiotics are good for you gut, so maybe it will be like magic on my face! So I have suuuuuper dry I'm talking as soon as I step out of the shower after washing my face it feels like I've had a mask on my face for 15 minutes and its super tight. I can't run fast enough to get my lotion on my face. And then I use like 5 different lotions over the span of about an hour to finally feel moisturized. So #1-I do not feel dry after washing my face. #2-this line is only 4 steps..face wash, eye cream, a serum (that feels like a lotion..its not like an oil), and a moisturizer. I was automatically assuming I would have to add something to the line, but I didn't! And whats even better? I still haven't had to add anything into my routine. 
The one downside is that the moisturizer is both a day/night cream, but there is no SPF in it. So I continue to use my day time cream instead of theirs in the morning, simply because it has SPF in it. It also doesn't look greasy or oily under my makeup. It makes the makeup sit better and look more even, too! 
Overall, I am super pleased with it. I had only seen it through a few bloggers and on QVC (because I'm old and I watch QVC- they also have easy pay too a lot of times so you can break up your payment as if it were a credit card, just without the interest!) so I thought I would share in case anyone else was looking for something new! 
Lets talk about how Teen Mom 2 is back. Who is into it this season!? Totally loving Chelsea so much. Poor Leah..just bless her heart. And Janelle..her too. Bless her heart too. You hot mess. And Kailyn..I love her too. I think shes a great mom and Javi needs to get his shit together and get over the fact that she has another baby daddy. 
But Chelsea. Just Chelsea. Can we be friends IRL, please?!

Can someone please fill me in on what they do this time of year when it comes to the weather and AC? Its so all over the place, but I need some semblance of a normal temperature with a toddler. If I don't use the AC/heat, I feel like its either way too hot or cold. But at the same time, I can't leave the windows open 24/7, like when we are sleeping!? Such a first world problem and I need some guidance, please :) 

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  1. YES I'm all over the Teen Mom 2 train (and all of the Teen Mom seasons let's be real) haha. I love Chelsea and Kailyn too. Jenelle makes me crazy and I just feel bad for Leah.
    I lol'ed about licking the fridge. Too funny.
    I saw this thing called The Magic Eraser for make up removal. It's supposed to help remove all of your makeup just by adding water and you can wash it in the washing machine. Much better for your face than those make up removers. Maybe try that too, to try and help your skin not feel as sensitive to things? I havent tried it myself yet but I'm gonna order it!

  2. Hahaha I love that first meme. And I totally haven't watched Teen Mom 2 since like the 2nd or 3rd season, so I wouldn't have a clue what was going on except for what I've seen in the tabloids in the checkouts-haha Janelle always annoyed me with her immaturity but maybe that's changed? Have a great weekend!

  3. We only have a window unit (city living) so ours doesn't come out until it starts to really warm up like May or even June!! Hope you have a great weekend and that language funny was hilarious!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Glad to hear that skin care line is working for you! I've never heard of it!

  5. I caught up on Teen Mom 2 last night. Love Chelsea. Leah is a mess and Jenelle is a bit crazy. Love that first picture. So very true.

  6. YESSSS!! love this post ! so glad i found your blog and cant wait to read more! happy friday!

  7. Oh the teen mom mess express! And totally with you on kid won't even talk but he knows where his belly button is so that's enough to help me sleep haha!

  8. Girl our heating/AC schedule is all jacked up, too. One day we're blazing hot so the AC is on, the next day we're shivering like crazy so we put the heat on. Generally, I try to just keep it "off" during a few weeks in Spring since it bounces around so much. If we HAVE to keep something on, we'll turn the AC on and keep it above 70.

    I used to be such a sucker for watching Teen Mom - can't help it!! Lol

  9. Jen I'm loving Kailyn more and more. Yes Javi needs to get over the baby daddy issue but can we talk about how the baby daddy has let himself go. Chelsea is another fav except when she talks in her baby voice. lol
    Ok so I've never heard of the facial products before but can relate to the recent break outs. I've recently started to change my pillow case every two days and started wiping my cell phone daily as well. Is there a Link i need to post on my post for the Talk about Tuesday or just copy the pic??


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