Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Wishlist-Talk About it Tuesday!

Well, look at me. Here on time today. Snaps for Jenn. 
I feel like spring is finally upon us. And as much as I don't like hot weather (you read that right, I'm a fall/winter kinda gal. Cold weather fo dayyyyz), it does make me want to purge, spring clean and purchase some new cute things! 
From a new bag, to new shoes and dresses, I need all the things.
But all my things must be child friendly, since my child is all into the outdoors and stuff (ugh) and I think is going to make me live outside all summer. That means sweat and dirty knees. Sweet.

Old Navy Dress
So I feel like this dress is a staple item for the summertime. I'm thinking specifically after Harper's swim classes when getting dressed is a super royal pain in the butt. Quick, easy, cute. Total win. And cheap!

Target Sunglasses
So oversized sunnies may totally be out of style, who knows since I'm stuck in mom land, but being outside 90% of the day, I need my eyeballs to be protected. And from all angles. That sun moves awful fast and can be awful bright. Big sunnies solves all the problems of the world, and also hides my mom bags under my eyes!

Essie Polish
So this isn't a polish that screams "spring" to me, but its a nice understated turquoisey color that can be worn year round. I'm picturing some nice sparkle accent nails!? I love the grey tones that look to be mixed in with it also!

Crossbody bag
The color of this bag has me sold. A light Tiffany blue!? So pretty. And crossbody bags have my heart anyways since I have a tiny person who likes to either walk "nice" which means squirming all over, or likes to be held. Ain't no body got time for a huge bag all the time!

Old Navy Top
 I've never worn an off the shoulder top, but really think they are kind of adorable. Waiting for this guy to go on sale, and maybe I'll purchase him!

 I have heard fabulous things about this gloss. I'm not a lipstick person because I don't feel like I'm grown up enough or fancy enough for it, I think, but I'm a gloss gal all day long! I also love anything light pink/nudey so this one is something I definitely want to try sometime!

Tory Burch Sandals
So I know Tory Burch shoes are a bit pricey, but I have come to realize that I'm so tired of buying like 10 pairs of flip flops each summer, only to wear them out halfway through the season and have to buy more. So I've started buying ONE pair of nicer shoes once a year (or season if that cash is flowing haha) and these are my pick for the summer! *Bonus* they are on sale right now #winning.

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  1. I live in dresses during the summer. Anything that can help keep me a bit cooler!

  2. Perfect! I love the sandals and the purse and the sunglasses...ok maybe I should just say I love it all! :) So happy we're getting those Spring temps finally!
    I linked up my recipe post today--hope that's ok! If not, I won't link up a recipe in the future.

  3. I want all of the things; especially that adorable cross body bag and that comfy Old Navy dress! I could spend every penny I have in that store, I swear!

  4. I own the ON dress in blue stripes. It's the most comfortable dress, but I went up a size and it's kind of too big, but looks so great with a cardigan or a vest!

  5. Loving the off the shoulder trend going on right now! Also - SO excited to be able to wear sandals again!

  6. That gloss is so pretty! And I love those sunglasses!

  7. "snaps for Jenn" made me LOL!! I love that movie! ;) I love your wish list! I need a new bag..and I love that blue color!


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