Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday rambles.

So, friends. I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now, but one of my favorite blogging gals, Jess over at The Newly recently found out that someone was stealing her pictures and life essentially and posting online as if it were her own. Its something out of a scary movie. 
She shared this info last week, and I took the rest of the week off from blogging to just think and re-evaluate my blog. 
I was scared. 90% of my blog is Harper. And pictures of Harper. And my husband. 
I started my blog as a way to create MY memories. To write them all down. To have something for MY family to look back on and see all our adventures. 
And while doing that, I have met some great ladies. Ladies whose lives I also love to read about. And see their adventures.

So I'm not sure what to do. I hate to live in fear of what might happen. But who knows? It could be happening right now and I'd never know it?
So I guess I'm not sure what to do. 
For now, I may keep Harper off the blog. I may decide in a bit to just watermark all my photos, but who knows. Maybe I'll start doing more beauty posts and inspiration posts, but I just love being more of a "lifestyle" blogger who literally does just that..shares their lifestyle. 
I may at some point also make the blog private, but I will let you all know before that point in case you want to follow along with it still. 

In case you aren't familiar with the situation, just please make sure you're protecting your family and privacy. I know blogging puts you in the public eye, but no one thinks of their little ole' blog as a place for someone to steal an identity. We aren't celebrities, by any means. So, just be careful. 

And please, if you see someone using someone you knows pictures or information, please let them know and report the other profile. Its scary what social media and technology can do in todays world. We gotta help each other out! 

Well. Happy hump day. Sorry for the downer post-haha.
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  1. Such a scary thing! A couple of bloggers have been putting big watermarks on all of their photos. It's such a bummer that we have creeps and weirdos out there who would do something like this to others.

  2. I know a few ladies recently switched to 'private profiles', and it is awesome to still be able to follow along with them even though they aren't public anymore! I am with you on limiting the sharing of kiddo stuff..just scary what some people out there will do!

  3. It really is a scary situation that Jess went/is going through and you're right to be smart and protect yourself and your little one! It's a scary world out there, but we just have to make smarter decisions, now that we know what can happen

  4. Ugh! It was so scary to hear what happened to Jess! It can seriously happen to any of us and we would never know it. I've made a few changes but my blog is still my blog and I want to share my memories on their - just being a bit more careful what details I post. Ultimately you have to make the best decisions for your family. Enjoy your evening! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  5. This broke my heart when I read about this. I have decided to keep blogging, but I am watermarking all my photos with my girls in them.

  6. How scary. I've always been so iffy on posting pics of my kids on any social media even my private accounts. Makes me wonder if I have made the right choice when finally sharing some pics on my blog. I will definietly have to reevaluate and take it from there. Thanks for the informative post. So sorry for your friend Jess.

  7. That is so scary! I think I will take down the pictures of my son from my blog now....


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