Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekending-its APRIL!?

This was the weekend my child decided to be an absolute terror. I love that little thing to death, but my goodness did she test my patience this weekend.
Hubby had tryouts all weekend and wasn't home much at all, so it was just us left to fend for ourselves. I would have loved to take Harper out of the house, but she was still kind of sick and winter came back to visit this I didn't know if it was the best plan to go gallivanting all over. We did go to the mall on Saturday afternoon some to meet my BFF, but otherwise we were home bound!

Again, we like to sit on our poor dog like hes a pony. Thank God hes so sweet with her. She "brushes" him all the time and pokes at him constantly.

We did go out back on the deck for a bit to do some bubbles and play with the dogs, but then a rain storm came through-such weird weather this weekend..rain, thunder, snow, sleet. 

Then we caught a pretty glimpse of a rainbow! 

Naturally, I dressed for winter in my favorite Old Navy fleece top! 

Saturday. Coloring. All. Over. Her. Pottery Barn. Chair.
Please tell me it will wash out!? If not, at least its on the bottom but WAH.

Tub. With clothes on, naturally. 

Pay no mind to the mess, but she decided that the cubby hole made a perfect spot to hang and escape from bed time. 

Its April & I'm of course using pumpkin smelling stuff still. I looooove this scent so stinking much! 

My new glasses arrived! I think they are pretty cute for not trying them on at all! I ordered the correct prescription,  but I always feel like when I get new glasses that it takes my eyes so long to get used to them. Is that normal? Am I supposed to break them in like  a few hours a day to get used to them before wearing them all day?

Coloring on the floor. She lost crayon privileges after this haha

Throwing her food overboard onto the dog. Super. 

And to round out our weekend, she is really enjoying climbing out of the crib. So theres that. 

Sunday morning vibes. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a bottle and getting cozy on the couch!

She got a special treat of french toast sticks for breakfast. As you can see, those are almost gone and the banana hasn't been touched. We are all about health over here. 

My new mug my BFF bought me. Love it!! :) 

And I'll leave you with these two final pictures to round out our weekend of fun. She disabled my phone from playing with it so much and also made a mess of the kitchen and family room. Doooo terrible twos happen at 19 months!?

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  1. Oh girl! That picture of her hiding in the cubby is seriously so cute. I can imagine all those things would be a bit trying, that is for sure! Loving your glasses - I always take a bit to get used to mine, but I am not sure if that is normal? Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. That sweet girl! :) Our weather has been cold, rainy & snowy here in WI & we are all getting a bad case of cabin fever. Thankfully this week should end in the 60's & sunny! Finally...spring!

  3. Wow girlfriend. No wonder you were about to lose your patience (and I laughed that you took the time to document it...probably mainly to be like "is this really happening?"). Hopefully things calm down a bit...and that the crayons don't find their way out again for a while.
    Sending you hugs and love...and if I had one, I'd send you a maid to clean up the mess. Have a good Monday, girl!

  4. Bless your heart and sanity-haha I've definitely had weekends and days like that with my boys as well. I've had luck getting crayon and ink pen out of fabric using rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Also, super cute glasses!

  5. Oh my goodness she is quite the mover!! I love that picture of her hiding in the cubby, so cute!! Hopefully the weather warms up so you guys can both get out of the house! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Haha I love the photo of her bum sticking out of the cubby! Too cute :)

  7. Oh my gosh let's just lock our children in a room together and go get a drink!? I definitely think the terrible twos can kick in early..on a positive note is all of these pictures are hilarious and made me smile :-) Harper girl is golden and if I could take her for an afternoon to give you a breather I totally would, she looks like easy entertainment!

  8. I am sorry you had such a difficult weekend with her! Hopefully she got it all out of her system and this upcoming one she is a little angel :)

  9. "I love that little thing to death.." haha! So funny! Also, no shame in your pumpkin game. That scent is amazing!

  10. Haha those last two photos are perfect! Super cute mug girl. I hope your Monday wasn't too rough! :)

  11. Haha, your little one colors on her Pottery Barn chair too? Thank goodness I'm not the only one who's child does this. I can relate to you on 90% of your post! #toddlers
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm

  12. Your glasses look PERFECT on you! & PS your hair is ROCKIN in that photo! I am also loving your old navy fleece top - that store is awesome, and so affordable!

    Glad you survived your hectic weekend! ;)

  13. I'm so sorry that she was a terror this weekend, not helpful that you were alone too. She does look awfully cute though so it would be hard to be mad at such a cute face. As far as the glasses, I have noticed that whenever I get new glasses, I put them on for the first time the morning after waking up so my eyes can adjust first thing in the does take a day or 2 to adjust fully tho. Baby butt in the cubby is the cutest ever!!


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