Friday, May 20, 2016


Happy Friday, lovelies! 

ONE ||
How are we feeling about the Birkenstocks trend happening now? I have heard fabulous things about them, but I just don't know if I can really pull them off? I think I'm lusting after this pair, but is it worth the $100 splurge for one season? Like how long will they stay in style!?
I think these are pretty cute and stylish, but also would be comfy to wear for long days. Does anyone have a pair?! Will my feet get all sweaty!?

TWO ||
So whoooooo watches Southern Charm? I have enjoyed it before, but I am seriously loooving it this season. The Kathryn and Thomas baby mama drama. The Landon bitch fest!? I thought I liked her before, but this season I think shes mean. Deliberately mean and I feel sad for her. I also love Cameron but I'm having such mixed emotions towards her right now. I like that shes keeping it real, but also Kathryn is reaching out to her and needs a friend and she still said no thanks, pal. Whatever juice they are drinking this season, I am digging it. 

I really love It Cosmetics, and have used their CC cream forever without any complaints. Its definitely a favorite in my makeup arsenal. But I just decided to recently try the newer CC cream with illumination (that link gives you an awesome deal with one of their brushes basically for're welcome), and I am SO pumped about it. I have super dry skin and I feel like this worked great on that, and also it gave me such a fresh, dewey finish. Even though it says CC cream (which makes you think light coverage, kind of like a tinted moisturizer but better), it is more of a medium to full coverage, but without looking like foundation or "makeup." I can just throw this on and go! I also would love to try their bronzing CC cream which apparently is literally everything you would ever provides color on your face and coverage! Let me know if you've tried it at all!
Because these are the best funnies and who doesn't love a good laugh on a Friday?!

Next week, we are heading to my parents shore house for Memorial Day & I can't wait! Unfortunately, it won't be warm enough for the beach, but its still nice to be down there! Some relaxation time is good! Even though we were just in Florida, it was go go go! At the shore, we get to really relax :) theres also a great zoo in Cape May (who would have ever known!?) thats free and we go quite frequently. I see a few trips there in our future!
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  1. Oh my gosh I am not liking Landon at all this season!! But you're the second person today to mention IT cosmetics so I'm going to try it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I feel like with Birkenstocks they will keep coming in and out of style for the rest of time haha. They were super popular when I was in high school and now they're back!

  3. I'm so surprised at Landon this season. She is such a mean girl! Oh thanks for posting about the cc cream, I have been wanting to try it. As my skin is on the dry side right now, I was afraid it wouldn't work well. Good to know you liked it.

  4. I totally agree with you on the Landon thing, I don't care for her...she's too flighty and too ditzy. I feel the same about Cameron, I love her, but don't understand why she won't just give Kathryn a chance. I love the IT cosmetics bye bye under eyes, so great!! Have fun at the shore!

  5. I love Southern Charm, but I feel like the episodes feel too short. I want more!!! I agree that Landon is super not nice this season, but trying to hide it. And I thought it was kinda rude of Cam to be that way to Katherine, but if she really doesn't want the drama, I guess I can't blame her that much.

    Yay for the beach!! Maybe the weather will surprise us and be warmer?

  6. I'm pretty much ob-sessed with some Southern Charm! Happy weekend!

  7. I think the Birks would be too heavy on my feet, but they're cute. Also, you should try the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer if you haven't already!!!

    BTW, I co-host a Friday linkup called High Five for Friday and we'd love to have you join us this Friday! It goes live a t8 am eastern time.


  8. I have a pair of the Birkenstocks (but Target brand. I'm cheap) and they're so comfy. They're my go-to weekend shoes. And they've been around forever, so I wouldn't worry about them going out of style. I would say maybe buy a cheaper $10/15 pair from Target and try them out first if you're unsure!

  9. Hope you enjoy your time during Memorial Day weekend. That Clinton meme made me laugh! If I'm going to pay $100 on a pair of shoes, I'm going to wear them for more than one season.


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