Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey Friday!

ONE ||
Maybe I'm 5, but I recently had some Runts and I kind of really miss them? What happened to them? Did they disappear? Can I find them at Five Below!? I think they really have a lot of candy, so I'm gonna bet on that. Need to go find some, ASAP!

TWO ||
I really love wearing headbands, but they always give me a headache. I think from the pressure behind my ears? But I think they look really cute and are super functional, I just need to find one that doesn't hurt. Does anyone have any recommendations!? I have some of the soft headbands that go all the way around my head, but I can really only wear those while my hair is back since its short. When I wear them when my hair is down the back sticks straight out haha so I need some that just go right on the top of my head!

This face. This sweet little face. Doesn't she just look so big here!? Its breaking my heart. I can't even get over it. Shes so sweet and just wants to love and snuggle mama and daddy all the time, and I can't say that I hate it!

So I've seen this new "rose gold" hair color floating around the internet, and I'm intrigued.

My hair doesn't hold red very well, so would it hold this pinkish shade? Is it worth it? Its like almost copper-ish looking, no? Maybe in the fall I'll go for it. I think its too dark for my personal preference in the summer right now. But its really pretty..I just don't know if I'm quite that ballsy. I want it though. Lets remember this for fall. 

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Happy Friday!
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy the weather! :) 

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  1. That sweet little face, and those beautiful blue eyes would be a favorite for me too!
    I remember Runts, but I haven't had them in forever!!! Good luck on your quest to find them! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Headbands always give me a headache. I love the look of them but they don't work on my head. Seeing as I also wear glasses, it's always just a disaster. I can't even wear those stretch ones, they bug me too.

  3. Omg I saw Runts in a store last weekend and SO wanted to buy them!

  4. I am loving that rose gold hair. It is ballsy that is for sure but soooo pretty. I can't wait to see if you do it. I haven't found a headband that doesn't hurt either. And that face is beautiful and so sweet. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Rose gold hair?! That sounds so cool and you look like you could pull it off! OMG runts, haven't had those in forever!! The same thing happens with headbands with me, love them, but they hate me. Happy Friday!


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