Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

We were at the shore for Memorial Day weekend, so I'm just gonna go ahead and recap that trip for Talk About it Tuesday! 
Harper was excited about "packing"
Our cute little island bar, the West Side!
Theres a great zoo not far from out shore house. We had a nice little zoo day! It was so crowded though we barely got to see any animals. Boo!

I needed a trenta. Its the cold brew and I'm actually quite a fan. Yum!
Those sweet eyelashes!
My parents had their roof replaced and new sky lights put it and miss Harper has a problem with things that are a "mess" so she was noooot loving the upstairs! haha. PS-notice the shoes on the wrong feet.
Sweet girl sharing some lip gloss.
Throwing a cold one back on the beach!
It was so. crowded. Not even fun.

Dancing baby.

She demolished that whole piece of cake.
Ya always need a little lip gloss in the morning ;) Also, she asks for bows in her hair! I don't wake her up and throw one on her head ;)

We were having some serious Mickey Mouse withdrawals at the shore. We DVR episodes so we can watch whenever, but they don't have that there! So when we got home, she got to watch some and was really happy!
Pool life in the front yard at home!

She wanted a drink like mommy had. I made a frozen drink so made her some pineapple juice and grenadine and ice blended up! haha

Model baby!

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  1. I like Harper's festive and adorable little outfit! What shore do you guys go to?

  2. She is just too cute. Looks like it was crazy packed at the shore! So fun being on the beach, though.

  3. I love that little model pose! Adorable!

  4. So so so cute. I love that she wanted a drink like mommy.


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