Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TAIT-Florida Recap

I'm baaaaack. So sorry about my mini hiatus..I had posts planned for last week while we were down in Florida, but I had a horrible asthma attack and high fever that landed me in urgent care Monday. Got sent home from work and everything! So that put a damper on my blog planning & posting. I'm back though! 

This week for Talk About it Tuesday, I'm going to recap our Florida trip! We went down to Stuart, Florida (near West Palm Beach) for my brother in laws wedding! It was beautiful & Harper Love got to be the flower girl! She was the sweetest and did a great time completing her very official duties of flower girl. 

Be prepared for picture overload here! 
Documenting Harper's first flight! Poor girl-we had to wake her up at 445 for the flight. She wasn't a happy camper!

Obviously, the stroller came in super handy.

Before take off!

Checking things out!

We flew Jet Blue & got the even more space seat so Harper would have somewhere to walk around. It worked out great & I would highly recommend it!

Doing some exploring on the beach!

Mama just needed a little drink!

I got my first pedicure since before I was pregnant with Harper! It was greeeeat!!

All their gel polish colors. How do you even pick a color!?

She found a "hoho." Anything that looks like "Santa" is a ho ho-haha.

I think some ice cream got in her mouth!?

Look at this sweet little flower girl!

They released streamers as the bride & groom entered the dance floor! Harper loooooved them!

 Brunching & this sign spoke to me.

I got the Venti of mimosas!

Giant gecko on the back deck!

Practicing her flower girl duties!

Heading back home!
It was a great time & Harper did great on the plane! Will be doing a post here soon on my tricks and tips for flying with a toddler! 
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  1. What a fun trip!! Sorry about you getting sick right before, but glad you are feeling better. Harper Love looks soo adorable and the perfect little flower girl! Love the little crown that she got to wear and glad to hear she did great on the plane!

  2. Awww she was the cutest little flower girl!! So I guess the color you went with was french :) Glad to hear you're on the mend! xo, Biana

  3. Such a precious flower girl!! Glad you all had a fun trip and glad to hear you feel better!


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