Thursday, June 30, 2016


 This isn't going to be so much as true "confessions" as its going to be random thoughts. But I guess those could also be confessions!? Who knows. goes!

Who likes creamy peanut butter? I mean honestly. Give me all the chunks. 

Edamame. Need I say more? Recently obsessed and loving every bite. Literally have probably three bags in my freezer. Throw them in the microwave, add some sea salt and you're all set! I used to hate it, and I don't know how it suddenly changed, but I'm so happy I found them again!

Sunglasses. I'm all for having nice sunglasses. I have a few pairs, but I just don't find myself reaching for them and I don't know why? They are super cute, but I always throw my cheap ones on. Maybe because I'm afraid to hurt my expensive ones? They sit in my purse though and Lord knows that gets thrown all over the place, so they could get damaged in there alone. Either way, I think I'm going to just buy cheap sunnies from now on!

Could eat target popcorn every day for lunch. How do they do it? What magic do they put in there?  Its fluffy crack.

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